Why Use Organic Bones?

Why Use Organic Bones?

Consumption of bone broth is increasing, which is a fantastic thing. It is gaining popularity in mainstream media and is recommended by the GAPS and Paleo diets, along with many health practitioners. However, health benefits can be missed when NOT using organic bones, and it can in fact become damaging to your system.

Animals used for bone broth must be healthy to pass on maximum health benefits to you.

When looking at a marrow bone, check the colour of your bones. The bone and the marrow should be all white. If the colour is grey or brown, this indicates that the bones have come from grain fed and chemically treated animals. You can see in the bones below that the outer bone is clear and white, the marrow itself if a perfect white and the blood vessels are evenly distributed across the marrow showing a clear, flowing blood supply.


The bone and it's marrow will easily absorb any toxins in the animals system. Factors that can injure bone marrow are radiation, exposure to toxic chemicals including those used in pesticides and insecticides, use of antibiotics, medicine and growth stimulating hormones. If bone broth is cooked using bones that are not organic, then those nasties are unfortunately passed on to our digestive system, which defeats the purpose of consuming broth in the first place. 

It has been scientifically proven that farm animals are exposed to lead in water, dust and soil, and that it progressively accumulates in the animals' bones. This is magnified on farmland that is not organic. Organic farmers do not use any synthetic chemicals in the soil, do not use genetically modified components nor expose the food and livestock to irradiation. Animal welfare and environment sustainability are paramount to organic farmers. Animals are treated humanely and with respect. Chickens are free range and cattle are not in feed lots.

Going organic doesn't mean foods are more nutritious, it just means they are less harmful, especially in a cumulative sense, as there is a decreased exposure to toxins. Most people consuming bone broth are trying to heal some ailment, so having a toxic free broth is essential. While some may complain that buying organic bones is too hard and too expensive, the benefit of avoiding numerous contaminants that can lead to chronic health issues could be more costly in the long run.



Our bone broth is 100% certified organic and we ensure all cattle are grass fed start to finish!

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