Your Role in Helping at the Koala Hospital

Your Role in Helping at the Koala Hospital

Recently, we hit the road and headed to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, where the magic happens. Eucalyptus-scented air, the rustle of leaves, and the resilient spirit of our beloved koalas. We were on a mission to see firsthand the incredible work fuelled by your generosity.

Walking through the hospital, we met some real characters – koalas with tales of survival that would give you goosebumps, and the Koala Hospital team are their unsung heroes.

From little triumphs to inspiring comebacks, each koala has a unique journey. And let me tell you, hearing those stories, feeling the emotion in the air – it's an experience that'll stay with us forever. The volunteers that work there tirelessly were truly incredible human beings.

Your donations, combined with Broth of Life, have been a game-changer. We're talking about making a real impact: medical care, rehabilitation spaces, and a chance at a new life for these fuzzy mates.

To all of you who've opened your hearts and wallets over the years, this is a massive bear hug from us. Your kindness has turned Broth of Life into a force for good, a community that stands up for our Aussie icons and wildlife. The thought of these animals becoming extinct is just unbearable.

As we continue to back the Australian Koala Foundation and the Koala Hospital, I want you to bask in the warmth of knowing you've played a part in this incredible journey.  You're not just customers; you're the backbone of our mission to support these animals.

So here's to you, the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Keep being awesome, keep making a difference, and keep spreading that Broth of Life love.

With boundless gratitude and a sprinkle of eucalyptus,

Alison & Heather 
and the entire BOL team.

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