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To Broth or to Stock?

To Broth or to Stock?

Broth of Life's Response to the Eternal Bone Broth VS Stock Debate

Here at Broth of Life, we are often asked about the difference between broth and stock. The two are quite commonly confused when they shouldn't be. There are many significant differences between bone broth and stock.

Key features of stock include;

  • Stock is made from bones with only a small amount of meat attached to them.
  • Bones are often roasted before simmering which improves flavour, but reduces nutrient density.
  • Bones are cooked for between 20 minutes and 2 hours at a high heat.

So, what does that all mean? Well, for a start, fast cooking techniques often result in a watered-down result. It also means that the nutrients that COULD have been released into the liquid are NOT. The speedy, super-hot process means that the nutrients are not given the opportunity to develop and they are essentially "cooked out."

Furthermore, store bought stock and soups lack even more benefits. Artificial flavours, preservatives and MSG contribute to their lack of nutrition. It is essential to check ingredients lists on any packaged products to make sure you know what you are putting into your body, even the ones labelled as organic, even ours! Your own knowledge of what you are consuming should be considered as your very own super power.

When it comes to bone broth, there are several essential components to its creation that enable it to become the hearty healing elixir that our bodies crave. These are;

  • Bone broth uses uncooked bones, actual muscle meat, tendons and ligaments, rather than just bones.
  • Its cooking time should be a MINUMUM of 12-24 hours.
  • Bones should be cooked to the point where they virtually disintegrate when squeezed or pushed
  • A natural acid like apple cider vinegar is often added.

The above process/recommendations allow an optimum amount of minerals to be extracted from the broth's ingredients. The longer cooking time enables as many nutrients and minerals as possible to be released from the bones. By using uncooked bones, the goodness of the marrow inside these bones can bring your broth up to it's full, nutrient dense potential. These combined factors mean you are left with a richer, fuller tasting broth that is a powerhouse of healing awesomeness!

For centuries, bone broth has been considered liquid gold. It's not a new concept. It's one that our ancestors lived by. Bone Broth's nutrients are naturally and easily absorbed by our bodies, they assist with gut healing, joint health, skin elasticity, hair and nail health and can help us to combat the symptoms of the dreaded lurgy.

If there was ever any doubt over whether bone broth overpowers stock or in its health optimising capabilities, we hope we have provided some clarification. If you seek more information, please read up on more bone broth related topics in our bunker. Alternatively, why not try it for yourself! Order some of our certified organic, dehydrated bone broth, today and judge its effects for yourself.

*Note: The benefits of bone broth are most commonly seen over time. While it's effects will often be felt quite quickly, consumers should be realistic with their expectations.



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