Broth of Life Christmas Checklist

Broth of Life Christmas Checklist

Christmas Tips that Might Just Change Your Life

I don't know about you, but I've been in a bit of denial about how close Christmas really is. Now though, there's no denying it. The jolly, chubby dude in that unmistakable red suit is just around the corner.

The realisation that Santa's imminent arrival is super close launched me out of my office chair into immediate Christmas planning action. I recently wrote a blog about avoiding the stress of Christmas. This one is similar, but more focussed on getting stuff done so you can sit back and enjoy the time. Personally, I'm a spreadsheet kinda gal, which I guess is my first tip. If you're excel savvy, do yourself a favour and get on board the worksheet train. You won't regret it. You can tick things off, cross things out, delete, save and just keep a record of everything to ensure you have an enjoyable, organised Chrissie.

In addition to the magic of excel are my following points. Stick to these and you are sure to have your festive feet up nice and early.

Plan your events

There's few things worse than being double booked during the festive season. So, here's a hot tip! Use a calendar or diary to make sure you have less of a chance. Whether you're a fan of traditional paper or more tech inclined, planning well can save you the embarrassment of booking 2 events for the same day or night.

Book Flights early

I've been stung a few times with this one. I've either thought the airlines might get generous with a sale closer to the time or just forgotten how expensive they can get. Needless to say, I now book my Christmas flights as far in advance as I possibly can. This allows me to get cheaper fares and gives me one less thing to do in the frantic lead up to Christmas.

Bake and Freeze

When a friend first suggested I do this, I thought, "why hadn't I thought of this before?! It's brilliant!" I now bake everything that I can freeze before the onslaught of social fabulousness. It gives me more time to enjoy time with family and friends and makes me feel so much more organised.

Shop to wrap

I'm sure that manically wrapping every gift you've bought for your entire list is some form of torture. Not wanting to put myself through the hurricane of paper, sticky tape, scissors, ribbon and gift cards EVER AGAIN, I now wrap as I buy. It's a revolution. Seriously, try it!

Set a Budget

It's hard to stick to a budget. Particularly when you're buying things for the people you love that you know will make them happy. Part of the mind explosion that can be Christmas though, is the amount of money we spend. From table settings and food to gifts, wrapping paper and travel, Christmas can be an expensive exercise. By setting a budget, you at least give yourself a guideline to help you avoid a complete expense blow-out.

Buy Extra Batteries

No-one wants to make extra stops in the midst of Christmas celebrations, especially to buy batteries for the kids new toys. Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a selection of batteries now. Store them in the car or in a bag you know you'll take to Uncle Barry's Christmas lunch. That way, if Aunt Mildrid gives Little Johnny a battery operated train with "batteries not included" you're covered! And you can thank me later *wink*

Stock up on Bone Broth

This one is my favourite. Are we surprised? As we look down the barrel of festive overindulgence, it's nice to know that if you're stocked up with Broth of Life. You're giving your gut and immune system a fighting chance to stay on track. Whether you want to sprinkle it on your meals or just have a warm broth to start or finish the day; our certified organic, dehydrated bone broth is a fabulous way to make sure you're taking care of yourself. Indulgence is part of the festive season, but balance is key to maintaining optimum health. Click here to order your nutrient dense, vitamin packed jar of Broth of Life today.

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy

Finally, soak up the beauty of the Christmas spirit. Celebrate and come together with your loved ones. Be grateful for the things you have and enjoy this special time. It's a magical time of year. Kick back and enjoy - you deserve it.


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