Festive Feasting

Festive Feasting

How to Beat Christmas Overindulgence

Every year, when December rolls around, I can almost physically feel my body brace itself for the onslaught of magnificent, but not necessarily healthy food it's about to be bombarded with. When I was younger and knew a little less about our digestive systems and what they need to run at their best, I would overindulge to the point of no return. We've all done it. I mean, some things you just can't say no to, right? Aunt Rowena's pav, Uncle Nigel's traditional, brandy soaked Christmas pudd, Mum's triple choc brownies. My mouth is watering just typing the words.

While the deliciousness of Christmas is something we look forward to all year long, we must show a certain level of restraint for the good of our own health. I know what you're thinking! "BORING!" But, it doesn't have to be.


While the jolly fat man may have had one too many mince pies, it doesn't mean we all have to face the same fate. Showing self-restraint can actually be more rewarding than the fruits of your indulgence. It's just a matter of being able to have the foresight of, "if I eat that, drink that or do that, I will probably feel CRAP."

I'm not naive enough to think that once you're in the thick of that Christmas celebration, the eggnog is flowing, and the rum balls are rolling, this will be an easy feat. But we've gotta try. Every year - we've gotta try. So, why not make a game of it? Set yourself targets, challenges, goals! And find some other way to reward yourself at the end of it all; like booking in for a massage for example.


Some of us will succeed at not being tempted by too much of a good thing, but for those of us who may not, well- we need a back-up plan. So now, Christmas has been and gone. You tried to show some self-discipline, you fought desperately to hold back from overdoing the champagne, the pav and the brandy custard - yet somehow, you've woken up naked, face covered in pavlova and brandy custard between your toes. It's ok. We all do it. Maybe not to such extremes, but we've all been there. Just get up, have a shower and sort your s*&t out! How do you do that? Well, there are lots of incredibly helpful natural remedies that are handy in moments like these. Things like;

  • Boiling water and cardamom pods for too much chocolate
  • Turmeric for too much booze
  • Peppermint tea for a full, sore belly and
  • Bone Broth for vitamin and nutrient replacement - and just a big overall healing cuddle for your gut.

These things along with lots of rest and exercise will hopefully have you feeling tip top in no time.

A good one to remember though, BEFORE you find your face in a pav and custard between your toes is that bone broth is your friend. It's a friend, that if you're loyal to it, will pay you back tenfold. Pouring yourself a brothee a day in the lead up to the season of festivities (or all year round for that matter) can have profoundly positive effects on your overall health. It is a nutrient dense, natural source of minerals that our bodies can easily absorb, it's been known to help repair gut problems, boost immunity, assist in managing joint pain, aid digestion, combat stress, aid efficient thyroid function and more. It makes sense then, that it has the power to balance things out once December rolls around. Plus, it's never too late to start your bone broth journey. With Christmas rearing it's tinsel covered head around the proverbial corner, there's probably been no better time than now.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start your bone broth journey with Broth of Life's certified organic, dehydrated bone broth, today!



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