Nikalene Riddle: Skinnymixers

Nikalene Riddle: Skinnymixers


Hometown: Virginia, South Australia

Star Sign: Taurus

I start my day with checking my email, calendar, to do list, slack, messages and facebook.

I relax with a gin & tonic and boardgames with my husband, Michael.

If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be Penang, Malaysia

My secret to staying young is being young... im not 30 yet. Holding onto that title as long as I can!!! 

Best advice for self care is listen to your body carefully to hear what it is telling you... do more of the 'good feeling' stuff and less of the bad. 

The main reason people skip home cooking is lack of organisation.

The favourite part of my job is being in the kitchen. 

I keep my energy up by reminding myself to go to sleep occasionally.

My favourite meal is a beautiful rare steak, mashed sweet potato, sliced avocado and creamy garlic sauce. 

Cooking from scratch is essential because you can control the final taste, which is so important.

My recipes are influenced by/from the places that I go to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner... worldwide!

My most treasured “possession” is my creativity. 

I wish I had spent more time building skinnymixers as a 'business' so that I didn't have to go back and do the foundations in retrospect.

I wish I hadn’t been so doubtful in my abilities and the support of Skinnymixers.

My happiest moment in life was experiencing the birth of my two children, Leilani (4) and Patrick (3).

I’m very bad at time management and hanging my towel.

I’m very good at tasting a meal out at a restaurant and getting inspiration for healthy recipes.

Friends say I’m neglecting them or too nice.

My greatest fear is (setting aside the usual big fears like loss of loved ones) perpetual imposter syndrome. 

Nikalene Riddle

If only I could be fearless i would do a big tour of Australia to meet as many Skinnymixers as possible. 

I’m always being asked where to find babas curry powder.

My worst job was being the mother of a new born - ha! what a learning curve. 

My motivational tip is in the words of Shia... "Just Do It!". 

I don’t like coriander and spiders... the same thing basically?

I’m very happy being in the kitchen, cooking for my family or friends.

I love Michael, Lani, Pat and my Thermomixes. 

I’m currently listening to "how to destroy angels".

My favourite movie is (i dont have one!)

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for my family and Skinnymixers. 

Skinnymixers The Healthy Mix 

Nikalene Riddle

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