Want your kids to eat bone broth? Here's how!

Want your kids to eat bone broth? Here's how!

Bone Broth has become the latest buzz word and not without reason. It is loaded with minerals and packed with so much nutritional goodness, it is a powerful addition to any diet. It can however sometimes be tricky to get other family members to have their daily dose of bone broth.  So here are some tricks to incorporate Bone Broth into their diet! 

Bone Broth Ice Blocks
Every kid loves an ice block after school, especially in the warmer months (when a warm mug of broth is totally not cool). Bone broth can be hidden in an ice block with ease by adding just a small amount of liquid bone broth to the home made mixture instead of water.

Bone Broth Smoothies
This is the easiest one of all. Slip a teaspoon of Broth of Life’s dehydrated bone broth powder into a green drink of smoothie before blending and it will not be noticed at all.

Bone Broth in Sauces
When cooking a bolognese or tomato sauce based meal, it’s simple to just sprinkle a few teaspoons of Broth of Life’s dehydrated bone broth into the pan while cooking. You can hide a great deal of bone broth this way. Serve the sauce over mince or meatballs and the meal will be packed with health that kids won’t know about.

Bone Broth in Soups and Stews
The easiest way to get more bone broth into the family diet is by replacing “water” ingredients in recipes with bone broth. Any soup often asks for stock or water, and by adding bone broth as a replacement you know the meal is filled with healing nutrition the whole family will enjoy.

Bone Broth in Chicken Salt
Use Broth of Life’s Chicken Broth Salt to add exceptional flavour to any meal, especially sweet potato chips and oven roasted vegetables. This is great for anyone that really struggles with bone broth as we have mastered the chicken salt recipe to taste just like old school chicken salt that you grew up with, but without any nasty chemicals for flavour or colour. You will find your family begging for not only more chicken salt, but likely more of the vegetables you have put it on! 
Hopefully this has give you some ideas of how you can incorporate bone broth into your kids daily diet. Keep an eye on the Broth of Life Facebook page for more ideas, or let us know how YOU get your kids to eat bone broth!



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