It's a team effort to tackle pollution and save our planet

It's a team effort to tackle pollution and save our planet
At Broth of Life we do everything we possibly can to care for the environment. It is dear to our hearts.
The first step was in the simplicity of making bone broth, that every element of a beast is utilised for food. Bones are often discarded, but as you know, can be utilised in the most beneficial manner! The fat that is generated when making bone broth is discarded by most manufacturers. We ensure even this is utilised by skimming, cleaning and rendering the broth fat to make our very own brellow - a healthy fat loaded with flavour and nutrients from the bone broth.
We take suet, the fat surrounding the kidney of a cow, chop, clean and slowly render it to make our certified organic tallow that is used as both a healthy cooking fat, and also prepped for other companies to make skin care products and soaps.
We are now also now experimenting and running some trials to find a use for all the organs of the animal to make some super charged broths for you in the near future. *Watch this space*.
We use himalayan rock salt over local sea salts due to the fact that micro plastics are now found in every sea salt. This saddens me greatly.
We currently reuse as much packaging as possible. All incoming packaging materials (EPE foam wrap, EPS, clean cardboard and soft plastics) are reused for outgoing packaging. The minimal vegetable scraps (celery heads, veg. tops and tails) are used at our home as chicken feed every week, or placed in a worm farm or composting stations.
We had our facilities audited to determine how we can become a better ciruclar business, and we had some very pleasing results from our waste analysis.

CURRENT waste and recycling

Recycling – 83%
Waste to landfill – 17%

Waste vs Recycling

You may have noticed our recent mail packaging has also changed as we endeavour to find the best solution to be plastic free and ensure a pleasant customer experience. For this we would LOVE your feedback. 

We have moved away from plastic and compostable bubble wrap to instead use paper wrapping. In the past 12 months we have found this to be very successful with only 2 breakages! In fact, it has proven better at protecting your jars of goodness with more success than the plastic alternatives.

More recently we have tried ditching the plastic mailer satchels and sending as many packages as possible directly in the carboard box. We hope these have been reaching you with little to no damage, but of course, are unsure of the condition of the boxes that arrive to you given they are out of our hands once they leave our facility. How has your experience been with the new mailing system? Please do let us know by replying to this email or contacting us at

Other more substantial efforts are also being made in the operations of our facility. We had our facility custom built just 12 months ago. This allowed us to have maximum legal capacity solar systems on our roof, a 40,000 litre water tank to ensure uncontaminated rain water that is then filtered for ALL our water usage. The used water is then caught and utilised on our gardens and throughout the property as grey water. We maximise the use of gas cooking equipment as much as possible as opposed to electricals despite the additional costing to us. 

All food safe and general safety gear worn by our team is as eco friendly as legally allowed. We supply re wearable hair caps rather than the plastic nets for our team, aprons and cloth liner gloves. All utensils are stainless steel (no BPA free plastics in our kitchen, regardless of whether they are deemed food safe or not). Even our storage tubs are steel. Now if only we could find a solution for the plastic gloves worn for food prep then we'd be very close to a plastic free facility.

I do hope you can appreciate the time, energy and effort that goes into making a commercial kitchen environmentally friendly. We truly love our environment, this planet that we are fortunate enough to inhabit. And our planet is calling us all to desperately make changes, not matter how small, to help her survival.


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