How Can Dehydrated Bone Broth be used?

How Can Dehydrated Bone Broth be used?
The Versatility of Dehydrated Bone Broth

Although it may be your favourite way to consume it on a cold day, Broth of Life’s certified organic, dehydrated bone broth is so much more than a warm drink. We are often asked if its dehydrated form means our customers can consume it differently to a standard liquid bone broth. The answer is a big fat yes!

The versatility of our dehydrated bone broths is something we are incredibly proud of. There’s a huge comfort in knowing that wherever you are and whatever you’re eating, if you add a touch of Broth of Life to your meal you’re getting the nutrients you need. We’re thrilled to be able to offer that kind of comfort to our loyal customers.

If, like many others, you are curious about the various ways you can drink, eat or sneak your daily dose of bone broth into your family’s diet… Here’s the low down. There are virtually no limits! Get creative! Add it to anything…  There is no wrong way to consume it but if you need some thought starters, here are some of our favourites;

Sneaky Smoothie

Some people think, ‘ewwww’ at the thought of adding bone broth to a fruit smoothie, but I am telling you the honest truth when I say, you can’t actually taste it. Sad, in a way, considering just how tasty our bone broth is, but if you have fussy kids, smoothies are a fabulous way to disguise some genuine goodness. You don’t even need to rehydrate it before popping it in. Just sprinkle some in with the rest of your ingredients, blend and you’re good to go!

Add it to Your Favourite Recipe

Add Broth of Life’s dehydrated bone broth in at any point during the cooking process. From Beef stews to chicken stir fries sprinkling in a little bit of bone broth goes a long way. Again, the goodness is very easily disguised so it’s another great way to successfully feed that fussy family a nutrition packed dinner.

Become a Super Souper

Why use plain ol’ stock when you can substitute it with bone broth? It doesn’t have to be a chicken soup or a chunky beef one either! Using chicken bone broth as the base to your pumpkin or leek and potato soup adds a sucker punch of flavour and mountains of nutritional value. With Broth of Life by your side you’ll be a super souper in no time!

The Best Seasoning

Our absolute favourite way to use Broth of Life dehydrated bone broth is the simplest of all. We put a jar on the dinner table next to our salt and pepper, and simply sprinkle one teaspoon across the meal along with other seasonings before "hoeing in". The simplest and easiest way to get your daily hit of bone broth goodness. And believe it or not, the kids now ask "where's the bone broth?" if it is missing from the table setting!

There are many other ways you can consume dehydrated bone broth (including eating it straight off the spoon), but having a warm mug of bone broth (or a brothee as we affectionately call it) is something we’ll always come back to. It’s quick, easy and also very versatile. If you want to change it up you can add whatever flavours tickle your fancy. Some like tabasco and lemon, others prefer honey and ginger. The choice is yours, so get creative! If you come up with an AMAZING new way to have your bone broth, we’d love for you to share it with us. Finding out how our customers enjoy our very favourite thing makes us truly happy.

For more ideas on how you can use Broth of Life’s certified organic, dehydrated bone broth check out our recipe book today!



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