7 Tips to Stay Safe From Coronavirus

7 Tips to Stay Safe From Coronavirus

Written by Alison Bell

It seems near impossible to avoid hearing about Coronavirus every day at the moment. When the media start using words such as epidemic and pandemic, it naturally evokes fear and panic. This turns to excitement, holding your attention on their space which is brilliant for the media ad space. Panic sells. 

Social Media "reporters" and bloggers claim to report the "truth", but unfortunately for the most part is full of unsubstantiated theories and opinion evoking even more fear than the mainstream media. 

There is very little chance of actually dying from this disease compared with other epidemic illnesses such as ebola. If on the rare chance that you were to be infected, it is most likely that the worst you will face is flu symptoms and a quarantine time. It is concerning how it appears to be spreading, and is causing some deaths, but there is no need to panic.

The best behaviour will to be remain calm, to not let fear run through the body. Fear and anxiety about the current global situation will put the body into stress response and actually makes us more susceptible to viruses and disease.

What there has been little to NO media coverage about is the pre existing health condition of those people that were fatally or severely affected by coronovirus, and what each individual can do to build their own immune system with very little effort. 

A strong immune system will play a key role in the body's ability to cope with ANY virus or flu that it encounters.

So here are a few things we can all do to create a stronger immune system as we head towards this global pandemic.

      It's no surprise to see this at the top of the list. Medical studies have proven that "A deficiency of dietary protein or amino acids has long been known to impair immune function and increase the susceptibility of animals and humans to infectious disease". With bone broth being the best natural source of amino acids, it would be prudent to boost the immune system with this nutritious elixir. Chicken bone broth is particularly strong in arginine which is why it has always been served in cultures across the world to treat even the simplest cold and flu symptoms.

    2. SLEEP
      Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. Our adaptive immune response is initiated at night when we sleep as our body goes into repair mode. This is important for our body to recover and build it's immune system for the 24 hour sleep-wake cycle. Try to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep each night to receive the benefits.

      Make sure to increase the amount of organic vegetables in your diet to boost the immune system. Consider adding a green juice or smoothie to your daily intake. Remove refined carbs, sugars, dairy and processed fats as much as possible and focus on leafy greens along with quality meats.

      Move through any emotions of fear or panic that you may feel in a healthy way. Express them but don't get stuck in them. Find ways to relax that work for you whether that be meditation, prayer, dance, music, art, exercise, nature, chanting, sex, yoga.. you know what gives you a natural high and takes you into a different head space. Stay away from the news and social media. Relaxing your nervous system will naturally boost your immune system. If you feel you need some help with this, please contact me.

    5. VITAMIN C
      Humans have been treating the common cold and flu with doses of Vitamin C for years and for good reason. It is a fabulous antioxidant and responsible for reducing inflammation in our bodies. Boosting our vitamin C intake can decrease our risk and severity of influenza. A trial has been run in China on those suffering with Coronavirus and has shown that 85% treated with high-dose Vitamin C did experience a reduction in symptoms.

      There is nothing quite as powerful as a steam inhalation of eucalypts oil when suffering with a blocked nose. Many essential oils help our immune system such as Lemon for influenza virus, eucalyptus for the treatment of a cold, rosemary for respiratory illness and cinnamon for anti-bacterial properties. It has been proven in studies that fragrance of a pure essential oil can have a restoring effect on the immune function

      Living with laughter and love will boost endorphins, dopamine and all the good healing hormones. It will also reduce your stress. Besides which, it just FEELS good!

If our bodies are genuinely fit and healthy they are designed to combat any virus that it encounters. It is a magical tool with innate intelligence. Worrying about what might be is not going to help as it is out of our control. Just be present with what you have now and smart with how you can prepare you body to function at its peak.



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