It's a New Year

It's a New Year

What Are Your Resolutions for 2018?

There’s no use being shy about it… 2017 was a doozey for me. It was a flat out, flooring, heart wrenching, soul searching, inspiration finding experience that I would happily never go through ever again. Nor would I wish it upon anyone. Ever. Suffice to say, a few resolutions have presented themselves to me for the forthcoming December 31 celebrations. Whether you’re one for new year’s resolutions or not, it’s hard to deny that the whole process is quite a cleansing one. It urges us to look back on the year that was, reflect on our decisions, our actions and our reactions and choose how we would, as a result, like to better ourselves.

There is, of course, always one person who declares, ‘I don’t DO resolutions.’ Each to their own, but for me, this year, I’m jumping right in! From health and wellbeing and being the best mother I can be, to emotional strength and mental resilience; my resolutions will be coming thick and fast. While most of them are quite personal and will remain private, some I am very happy to share.

Just a few of 2018 Resolutions are

  • To spend more time with friends and family
  • Be the best mother I can be
  • Fit more fitness into my schedule
  • Focus more on my own health
  • Be present and make every moment count
  • Learn new things – regularly
  • Help others and serve
  • Be more organised

Already a long list, right? Tell me about it! The one on that list that is most relevant to YOU, our Broth of Life customer though, is the promise to ‘focus more own my own health.’ You see, when you work in an industry that promotes and supports health, you can get so caught up in the ‘work’ side of it that you can forget where it all began. For me, it was the desire to dedicate my time to something I believed in, that really made a difference to people’s health. Our bone broth does that. It’s nutrient dense, healing properties are mind-blowing. It is the elixir so many people have been searching for and I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by it every single day. So, I intend on embracing my love for bone broth further, I will come up with more recipes and figure out more ways to consume it in the hopes that I will not only improve my own health further but also the people’s who support our product.

This also offers the perfect opportunity for me to address those of you who love Broth of Life as much as we do. I would like to express my immense gratitude. Without you, it all fades away. Our tribe is our heart and soul. Thank you for your support throughout 2017! May we all SMASH it out of the part in 2018, achieve all resolutions and come out shinier, brighter, healthier and more amazing than ever before!

Cheers (yes, I am holding a mug of bone broth!) and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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