What Makes New Years Resolutions So Addictive?

What Makes New Years Resolutions So Addictive?

Written by Alison Bell

I've always hated new years resolutions. They just aren't for me. They always felt like false proclamations that were doomed before they even began. How many ridiculously ambitions resolutions have we all made that were nothing but destined to fail? And how many small inconsequential goals have we set on this "special" night that never really helped us accomplish anything? Here's my take on what we should do instead.

For me, it never took a "new year" to start a new habit or change an old one, it just took the desire. There was no need to wait for a special day to start, why not just implement changes when the idea crosses your path? When it has the most influence on you? When it is fresh and exciting! Grab it straight away and run with it.

New Years

This year why not plan to flip the traditional goal setting plan on it's head and focus on how to simply make yourself a better version that you used to be. Not better than anyone else. Not a measurable quantity. Just something that makes you feel good about yourself on the inside.

Some examples:

  • Tell loved ones that you love them. Make sure they know how you feel.
  • Help someone in need by perhaps giving time to charities, taking a homeless person for a meal, helping a random stranger on the street.
  • Selflessly encourage others to succeed and shine.
  • Be patient.
  • See the good in people and do not focus on the negative.
  • Come from a place of love when engaging with those that annoy you.
  • Allow time each day for self reflection, peace or meditation.
  • Praise yourself for your achievements.
  • Smile and acknowledge people around you.
  • Allow yourself guilty pleasures.
  • Educate yourself.
  • Read more books.
  • Learn a new skill (musical instrument, sporting adventure, photography, language, etc)
  • Speak your truth.

Love more freely

Most of us are stuck in our egos where the world revolves around us. But we are all equal, and we all continue to grow. All growth starts from within. So take some time this holiday season to try and better yourself, to accelerate the growth. There is no success, nor failure in doing this. Just growth.


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