Alison Bell
Vegetable Miso Broth with Rice Noodles

Vegetable Miso Broth with Rice Noodles

This wonderful recipe was provided by one of our dear vegan friends, Carren Smith. She was involved with testing our Vegetable Stock during development and was thrilled with the outcome. To use her words "Omg deeeeeeevine!!"  Ingredients: 1 heaped teaspoon of Broth of Life Vegetable Stock 2 tablespoons of miso Boiling water Rice noodles tofu (could use any protein) mushrooms cabbage brocollini coriander Method: boil water Mix ingredients in a large pot Add coriander to serve! BUY VEGETABLE STOCK BUY DEHYDRATED BONE BROTH BUY FULLY DISSOLVING BONE BROTH POWDER  

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