Who's Behind The Magic

Broth of Life Alison & Ada

Alison Bell and Ada Tse are the dynamic duo behind Broth of Life.

When Alison Bell retired as a professional tennis player, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in either the fitness or health industries… She may have taken a while to get here, but now that she’s arrived, she is completely in her element!

After suffering from her own injuries – and recovering from subsequent surgeries, Alison has a genuine understanding and appreciation of the importance of a speedy recovery.

After being diagnosed and living with hashimoto's disease, lupus, fibromyalgia and a leaky gut, Alison found bone broth to be an integral part of her healing. She swears by it!

"Bone broth just works! I've sipped it through many colds and flus and am still amazed at how quickly it can prevent that slightly off feeling from progressing to a full blown illness. I feed it to my entire family when flu season hits! I've taken it for muscular aches and pains as well as joint injuries to help recovery. And of course for the big kahuna - gut health. As we learn more about the gut and it's microbiome, the more we realise how incredibly important it's health is for not only physical ailments but also mental health. Bone broth was the pharmaceutical before pharmaceuticals existed and it's exciting to see it returning to everyone's diet."

After 15 years in the legal industry, Ada is now 100% dedicated to helping heal the nations gut issues through the magic of bone broth, and has found true meaning and purpose as a result of being at the helm of Broth of Life. Her Cantonese background means she understands of the emphasis of broth in traditional Asian cuisines. She just GETS IT!

"I grew up with clear broths with vegetables as an integral part of traditional and daily meals. No part of the animal was wasted so bones were brewed for lengthy periods of time to produce the healing elixir. There's nothing new about trendy bone broth. It's fantastic to see it gaining popularity in western countries. Asian restaurants that serve broths, such as ramen and pho, are also gaining popularity." 

Ada and Alison are both heavily involved in the preparation, cooking and distribution of their dehydrated bone broth… They are there every step of the way – from go to whoa! They’re there from produce selection to the bottling up stage - to ensure that nothing but the best quality and nourishment goes into each and every jar.

Broth of Life Alison & Ada 


Ada and Alison were ecstatic to acquire Broth of Life from founder, Micheline Andrews. They have grown the 1 person operation to a 11 person operation – and Broth of Life continues to expand every day!


Broth of Life’s mission is to help heals the nation's gut problems. 

We want to help people feel their best.
We want people to understand that what they put into their body has a profound effect on their overall wellbeing.
We aim at enlightening people’s minds with the knowledge that they can control or maintain their health issues naturally.
Our mission is to make people’s insides sparkle, and outsides glow.

You live once… So, do right by your body – with Broth of Life.

Enrich your life, fuel your body and nourish your soul.