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The unsung hero of nutrition!

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Liver? Ew!" But hold onto your hats, because we've got some eye-opening insights that'll have you rethinking this nutritional powerhouse.

Let's be honest - liver is one of those hate-it foods. But here's the thing: liver is loaded with essential nutrients that are tough to beat. Nutritional density? Liver takes the gold medal, no contest!

Liver is a treasure trove, chock-full of vitamin A, B-vitamins, and even vitamin D.

Vitamin A is essential for healthy vision, a robust immune system, and maintaining healthy skin.

B-vitamins help us convert food into energy, keeping us fuelled and ready to tackle whatever life throws our way.

And the elusive vitamin D, it's essential for strong bones and a boosted mood.

Nothing can quite match the sheer concentration and bioavailability of these nutrients in liver. It's like getting a supercharged boost of goodness in every bite.

Now, let's move on to minerals - another reason why liver deserves a standing ovation. Iron, zinc, copper, and selenium are all present in this nutrition dynamo. Iron is crucial for carrying oxygen in our blood, keeping us energised and preventing fatigue. Zinc is a silent hero, bolstering our immune system and supporting growth and development. Copper works behind the scenes, helping form red blood cells and connective tissues. And selenium acts as a potent antioxidant, defending our cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

Say goodbye to the woes of liver's taste, and utilise this powder by hiding in smoothies, bolognese sauce, stir fries...anything!

When it comes to getting a bang for your buck in the nutrition department, liver is a true champion.


Key Benefits

Boosting iron and Vitamin B12 via natural organic liver keeps us energised and prevents fatigue. The other vitamins and minerals will boost the immune system and support growth, help form red blood cells and connective tissue, create antioxidant properties, assists with healthy vision, and maintaining healthy skin. 

This is the ultimate multivitamin and mineral supplement in pure natural form.

Nutritional Info

Beef Liver Powder Ingredients:
100% certified organic beef liver.

Net weight: 
90g: approximately 30 day supply

How To Use

Add 1 tsp to sauces, smoothies or recipes, or sprinkle on your meal at serving time.

Meal Suggestions: It is great for adding or disguising (with children) into every day foods; ie: sprinkled onto Bolognese sauce, scrambled eggs, used as a seasoning with or instead of salt, added to soups or stocks, sprinkled on a stir fry, blended into a smoothie... Get creative, the possibilities are endless!


How much do I take? Our liver powder contains nothing but natural food ingredient so there is no limit to have much you can consume. You can never do any harm, no matter your age! We recommend 1-2tsp per day to maintain optimal health.

Does it need refrigeration? No. Our liver powder can be stored in a cool dark place such as your pantry. We recommend storing in a glass jar for maximum shelf life, which is 2 years (please check the best before date on your sticker).

Where does your offal come from? Being certified organic, we are limited to a handful of certified organic farms across Australia. We are super proud to support these local farmers doing right by both the animals and the land in fair treatment and sustainability. We are very passionate about this believing happy animals make for healing foods.

Why do you dehydrate? Foods have been dehydrated since the stone age. Truly! Our ancestors would dry food on hot stones to allow them to carry it as the roamed. It is the only natural way to increase shelf life while completely maintaining all nutrients without any processing or modifications.

Why not put in a capsule? Finding a capsule that we approve of has proved remarkably challenging. Capsules are made with all kinds of ingredients, but natural and chemical. We do not wish to alter the natural state of our liver powder. 

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Added flavour with goodness

I love the extra flavour the liver powder gives to my cooking, and it’s good to know that I’m also adding extra goodness

Mandy Spooner
Liver Powder

I LOVE the Liver Powder! I wanted to take it everyday so I drizzle it on my toast under my peanut butter 🙌 I add it to Spaghetti Bolognaise and other foods too. Thank you Broth of Life, I know how much love you put into your products and this one makes me so happy!