Fats & Salt

Fats & Salt

If you think fat and salt are bad for you… Think again!

Gone are the days when fat and salt were considered unhealthy. By using our fats and salt/chicken salt in your cooking routines you are not just adding flavour, but vitamins, nutrients and overall goodness to your meals.

Our chicken salt makes use of the finest organic ingredients found in our chicken bone broth, combined with gorgeous Himalayan rock salt. It is a healthy, new age version of a classic guilty pleasure.

Made with 100% organic, grass fed livestock, our range of cooking fats are the perfect addition to your organic kitchen.

Our Tallow, Brellow and Bone Broth fats are by far the most nutritious cooking fats you can use for high temperatures. They have an outstanding fat profile known for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.  Add the benefits of bone broth minerals and vitamins and you have an incredibly healthy way to fry foods.

Yes, you read that right! Fried food can be healthy!

Broth of Life’s certified organic brellow (or tallow) is the fat from our organic Beef Bone Broth. It is skimmed and rendered to produce a healthy cooking fat. Due to the nutrients and vitamins they  contain, brellow and tallow can be used to treat a leaky gut and relieve joint pain. You’ll be pleased to know they are both organic, paleo friendly and GAPS friendly.

All of our fats come with the benefits of the bone broths they are created from and each has a distinctive and delicious flavour.

Order your organic Fats & Salt today and taste the incredible difference in your cooking!

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