The Incredible Benefits of Bone Broth

The Incredible Benefits of Bone Broth

You may have heard of bone broth but are you aware of its health benefits? This product has been used for centuries to add flavour to meals and to boost wellbeing.

Take a quick look at what bone broth is and find out why it’s so good for you.

What is bone broth?

If you pop what’s left of a roast chicken after dinner into a pot, cover it with water and let it simmer overnight, the result is a ‘bone broth’ which, when strained, is a nutritious liquid that contains all the benefits of the meat and bones.

Bone broth can be delicious served hot on its own but it is usually added to soups, risotto, pasta or other dishes to add flavour and nutrients.

While it is good for you, bone broth takes a long time to make from scratch and can be messy. This is why we created Broth of Life, to give you the benefits of bone broth without the fuss.

Read more about how bone broth is made.

Broth and stock are often confused as the same thing. They are, in fact, extremely different. Stock is cooked at a high temperature for a short time and often has a lot of added salt for flavour. Broth is the slow cooking of bones and/or vegetables for 12-48 hours to extract maximum nutrients from those bones. More details about the difference can be found reading Bone Broth vs Stock

Intestinal benefits of bone broth

Thanks to its high protein content, particularly the protein gelatin, bone broth helps the smooth digestion and transition of food through your system.

While bone broth has been popular forever, the full benefits of bone broth for digestion are only just being discovered. Recent studies have found that the benefits of bone broth may even extend to fighting inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). If you suffer from digestion issues and haven’t been able to find relief, give an organic bone broth product a try.

Certified organic bone broth is also full of collagen. This is a naturally occurring protein compound that helps to strengthen your digestive tract and ensure that food particles are properly flushed through your system. A diet rich in collagen keeps unwanted food particles out of your bloodstream and helps to prevent stomach upsets and food sensitivities.

Skin benefits of bone broth

Speaking of collagen, this protein is also amazing for your skin. You already have collagen in your system but by adding extra, you are increasing your skin’s elasticity so it looks more youthful.

You can pay hundreds of dollars for cosmetic collagen stimulants or simply add bone broth to your diet for a healthier, fresher complexion.

Overall health benefits of bone broth

The amino acids you’ll find in bone broth can help in muscle mass preservation, meaning that you can recover from injuries more quickly.

Amino acids also:

  • Help to keep inflammation at bay
  • Help regulate blood sugar levels
  • Support the natural production of human growth hormone to help maintain healthy organs and tissue
  • Support the detoxification in the liver

Good for everyone

The benefits of bone broth are universal. Bone broth is great for growing kids and can help to sort out stomach issues that tend to occur in children. Serving tasty bone broth is an ideal way to keep kids digestion healthy without the need for prescription drugs.

And when we say the whole family, we really mean it! Bone broth is also great for your family pets. All of the beneficial proteins and amino acids that are so good for us are also great for Fido and Puss. Stir some kibble or cat biscuits through a cup of bone broth and they will have a delicious and healthy treat to enjoy. For an even simpler solution, just sprinkle Broth of Life powder directly on their meal at serving time without rehydrating.

The best bone broth

The final benefit of bone broth is that it can be used in its dehydrated format and still retain its nutritional value. This saves you from the stress and time of making your own.

Broth of Life’s dehydrated bone broth is so quick and easy to use. It is perfect for Keto and Paleo diets and also tastes amazing in soups, as a bolognese base and in so many other recipes.

Check out the Broth of Life selection at  for high quality, organic and Australian-made bone broth.



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