Large 90 gram jar of organic dehydrated Lamb Bone Broth
Small 45 gram jar of organic dehydrated Lamb Bone Broth
90 gram refill satchel of organic dehydrated Lamb Bone Broth
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Lamb Bone Broth (organic)

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You’d be Baaaar-king  mad not to try our Lamb Broth!

We all know that lamb is a lean meat, right? So, it only makes sense that the bone broth created from lamb bones would be leaner too.

In true Broth of Life style, we haven’t used just any lamb bones. We’ve sourced some of the highest quality organic bio-dynamic lamb bones to deliver you, the newest bone broth to our range… And it really does pack a punch! 

Our homemade dehydrated Lamb Bone Broth has all the same nutritional qualities as it’s great pal, ‘beef bone broth', but brings with it a really unique flavour that is delicious and packed full of vitamins and minerals.  

Cooked lovingly for a minimum of 48 hours, our lamb bone broth is one of the most healing, tasty and versatile products on the market.

Made with carefully hand-selected, organic ingredients and certified organic grass fed bones… our recipe allows us to extract the highest possible number of nutrients.

PLUS! There’s no added nasties… No ingredients with long, confusing names. None. It’s all natural… and that of course means no MSG! YAHOO!

What is Biodynamic?  Good question! ‘Bio-dynamic’ is an enhanced organic approach with a diverse and balanced ecosystem. It’s focussed on producing healthy, well-structured soil which in turn leads to healthy plants and animals. Ethical considerations are foremost.

Key Benefits: Lamb bone broth is made from a slightly less fatty meat that is packed full of gelatines, vitamins and minerals known for healing leaky gut and easing joint pain.

The perfect substitute for a cuppa, it can also be added to just about any meal due to the benefit of it's dehydrated form.

It’s organic, paleo, nutrient dense, GAPS friendly, loaded with healing properties and is a powerhouse of flavour, too!

Lamb Bone Broth Ingredients: filtered water, organic biodynamic lamb bones, organic celery, organic carrot, organic onion, organic garlic, Himalayan rock salt, organic pepper, organic apple cider vinegar.

Net weight: 
90g: approximately 30 day supply
45g: approximately 14 day supply

Usage: To rehydrate add 1 tsp to 100ml water, or consume in powdered form by sprinkling on meals as you would a seasoning.

NOTE: For maximum shelf life, the Lamb Bone Broth Refill Satchel should be stored in a glass jar.

So, don’t be ‘sheepish’… Give it a go and order today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review