Not All Water Is The Same!

Emoto and the study of water

We Sing To Our Broth!

I kid you not! At Broth of Life we do literally sing to our bone broth. We have a zero tolerance for negativity at work as we truly believe it does impact the food being prepared. The cooking process is a means to nurture the soul and what we put into the food will definitely come out. Stay with me here, there is always science behind my woo woo!

There is no need to convince you we are energetic beings. Our bodies are mostly made of water which holds two types of energy; kinetic which is used for movement and allows waves to exist, and potential energy that is stored in the water.

With our bodies made up of mostly energy, then the foods and thoughts we intake will also contain energy, or vibration.

You may have heard of Dr Masaru Emoto. He was a Japanese businessman who had a long interest on the effect of emotions on matter. He ran a series of experiments where he asked people to read nice sentences such as "I love you" or unpleasant sentences such as "I hate you" to water. Crazy right?

After communication, the water was frozen and ice crystals were photographed under microscope and it became clear the crystals that were aesthetically pleasing corresponded directly to the water that received nice comments.

Emoto You make me Sick vs Thank You
"You make me sick" vs "Thank You"
Emoto Before and after prayer
Fujiwara water before and after Prayer


Dr Emoto also believed that cooked food could be influenced by emotions in the same way that water is. He conducted an experiment with rice where people said kind things or nasty words to jars of rice. The rice that received negative words spoiled a lot faster than the rice that received warm greetings. This experiment can be tried at home with ease. You can view the results in this short video:

So from all the above, I hope you can understand why we take such a strong stand on the energy that any team member brings into our kitchen, and why we take great pride in singing to our broth, no matter how atrocious we may sound!

Stay happy and healthy,


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