Which broth is right for me?

Which broth is right for me?

Written by Alison Bell. 

If someone told you there was a supplement that builds stronger cartilage, healthy skin, improves muscle repair, detoxifies the liver, prevents and reverses autoimmune disease, improves bone health, relieves arthritis pain and fixes a leaky gut, I’m sure you would be purchasing it without hesitation.

Well, that product is not a pill nor a medication, it is the age old bone broth.

Given there are so many different types of bone broth available, which one should you choose to heal your specific ailments? Chicken, turkey, duck, venison, beef, lamb, fish, prawn…..?  While all bone broths will aid in the healing of joints, muscles and a leaky gut, it is generally a good idea to rotate bone broths to gain maximum healing benefits as each broth has slightly different nutritional benefits and healing properties.


Fish broth is the number one broth for those suffering with thyroid, adrenal and fatigue issues. It is rich in iodine and fat soluble vitamins. Fish heads diffuse thyroid follicles which are very similar to our own thyroid tissue, so can be of great benefit to those with an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) or those that have had their thyroid removed.

It is also well known for healing and improving mental capacity, especially cognitive abilities.

Fish broth should be made from non-oily fish such as snapper and rock fish, otherwise the smell can be overpowering and the unsaturated fats can become rancid during the long simmering process.  It is worth asking your local fish monger to save some fish carcasses and heads. They may even be free or a very minimal charge as these are normally thrown away.


Of all the remedies for fighting a head cold, chicken broth is the hands down winner! Finding organic chicken carcasses, feet and necks can be quite challenging, but it well worth the effort and expense given the nutrient density. Chicken broth is the one for upper respiratory infections. This magical elixir can clear up a cold or flu in days without the need for pharmaceutical medications. Just keep slowly sipping the soothing broth all day to start feeling benefits the next day.  The amino acids produced when making chicken bone broth reduce inflammation in the respiratory system and helps boost the immune system. It is the broth for those suffering with asthma, allergies and congestion.

At the very least, when suffering from a fever, chicken broth or soups made from broth, will provide hydration and contain many nutrients that are easy to digest, and the the natural cysteine will clear up mucous. To boost the immunity properties, add some garlic, ginger and/or turmeric to your broth and let the healing begin!


These two are the kings of gut, joint and muscle repair. This is the liquid to focus on healing and sealing your gut lining to cure leaky gut syndrome. The gelatin in the bone broth will help seal up holes in the intestines. The high content of glucosamine will help joint pain, preventing osteoarthritis. The collagen will help your skin, hair and nails and finally the glycine will aid with sleep and memory.

Beef and lamb bone broths are also incredibly beneficial post surgery to help heal the scar and internal damage. Some have found it so powerful they have no longer required pain medication, but instead drink cups of broth for a speedy and natural recovery.


With so many flavours at your fingertips, and a multitude of healing properties, the argument “I cannot afford real foods” does not apply when making your own bone broths. The question is can your health afford for you NOT to?


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