The Secret To Healthy Christmas Gravy

The Secret To Healthy Christmas Gravy

The Best Christmas Gravy Recipe

Christmas is upon us and amongst all the other things on your to-do list is finding the perfect Christmas gravy recipe.

After all, Christmas means delicious food and if you’re going for a traditional roast on December 25th, you definitely need to top it off with gravy.

Our best-kept-secret recipe for gravy is not just tasty, it’s good for you too.

Make gravy that’s healthy and delicious

There is one simple secret behind the healthiest and tastiest gravy this Christmas season (or any other time) is bone broth.

Bone Broth is your go-to ingredient to make healthy, sumptuous gravy every time. 

Here’s why we recommend using this ingredient:

Traditionally, gravy is made from the natural juices that run off your meat as you cook it. While this does make a tasty final product, it is not the healthiest of options. When you make gravy this way, you are using a lot of the fat and grease from your roast. It might be palatable but it will probably leave your mouth feeling quite oily. You will probably also get that bloated feeling that comes so often at Christmas time as well!

When you use a high-quality powdered bone broth, you get all the delicious flavour of the meat but far less unhealthy fat and grease. The process is also made easier because you don’t have to go through the awkward steps to drain fat and juices from your roast meat and mix it into your gravy.

Happily, bone broth gravy recipes are plentiful across the web.

Simply refer to the recipe and use the bone broth of your choice (we recommend an organic, Australian-made bone broth).

One of the things you will notice when perusing bone broth recipes is that they are gluten-free as well as keto and paleo-friendly. Bone broth is actually one of the staples of any low carb diet. A great source of healthy fats, bone broth is great for gut health as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. With its high levels of collagen, it is even anti-aging, helping to keep your skin strong and your hair healthy.

The final benefit of using a Christmas gravy recipe with bone broth is that it is 100% natural.

Making the Perfect Gravy

Now you know which ingredients are best for gravy, it is good to learn a couple of basic tips to prepare it the right way:

  • Whisk it well: Not whisking well enough is often the cause of lumpy gravy. Make sure you whisk your mix very thoroughly. If it still stays a bit lumpy, here’s one quick hack: pop it in the blender for, 30 - 60 seconds, but don’t overdo it.
  • Be patient Good gravy will take a while to thicken. Don’t rush your gravy, let it simmer for a while before you decide to add any more thickener. This way it will have time to fully thicken and you will be able to judge its final consistency.
  • Keep it warm: Letting your gravy cool too quickly is another reason it goes lumpy. Make sure it stays warm right up to serving.
  • Don’t season your gravy too early: As the gravy settles, the flavours intensify. If you add your seasonings too soon, you risk ending up with too strong a flavour.

Which bone broth is best for Christmas gravy?

For the very best Christmas gravy recipe, you will want to use a high-quality bone broth.

The range at is 100% organic certified and made from only the finest quality ingredients. Add some to your Christmas gravy recipe and you’ll notice the distinct and delicious flavour.



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