The Brilliant Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast

The Brilliant Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast
Discover the Amazing Ways the Body Benefits from a Bone Broth Fast or Detox

Ah, winter! It’s got its good side, hasn’t it? Toasty fires, cosy nights, warming foods and layers of gorgeous fashion. But by the end of it, if we’re honest, most of us are dreaming of warm summer days, aren’t we? With the cold, winter also brings with it a certain laziness and lethargy, a desire for some to eat their weight in mashed potato and beef stew and a general disconnect with the urge to go for an early morning run. In the peak of winter, staying in bed for an extra half hour cuddle is a much more appealing option.

So, with all that cosy cuddly, lazy yumminess, it’s only natural that we can physically start feeling a bit gross. The opportunities to forget our healthy life choices are abundant and the easiness of gaining weight more prevalent. Jump on the scales and…’Hang on a minute! These scales must be broken!’ Erm, nope. Nope, they are not.

So, with winters end on the horizon (YIPPEE!) and summer rearing it’s gorgeous, glowing, vitamin D filled head, it’s probably time we all got off the couch and considered days on the beach are on the horizon. Along with resuming our healthy, active lifestyles a great way to get a kick start back into a healthier you is with a bone broth fast! If you haven’t ever done one, then you my friend are in for a treat! The benefits of a bone broth fast are copious, it’s an easy option (especially when you use Broth of Life’s certified organic bone broth) and an affordable way to get yourself back in the health game.

Bone Broth Benefits

Most of us already know that bone broth houses an amazing list of benefits. For those who are new to the topic, here’s a quick overview.

Consuming bone broth;

  • Helps build immunity against cold and flu
  • Is well known for treating GUT issues such as IBS and leaky gut syndrome
  • Improve's digestion
  • Treats joint pain and promotes healthier joints
  • Brightens the skin, strengthening bones and nails
  • Contains collagen, glycine, amino acids, minerals and gelatine

Why a Bone Broth Fast

Once you know and understand the benefits of bone broth consumption, it’s easy to see why drinking it will benefit your overall wellbeing. So, if you can get all the afore mentioned benefits from ordinary consumption, why a fast? It’s sort of like comparing normal yoga classes (which are amazing) to a silent yoga retreat (which can be mind blowingly life changing). Anything that’s good for you, when done in high intensity – and done right, has the potential to be brilliant. A bone broth fast is no different. By predominantly consuming bone broth you are boosting your intake of minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and more. You are giving your immune system an awesome power hit, allowing your entire body to rejuvenate itself. If you suffer from GUT problems or an autoimmune disease, it can also help manage your symptoms and discomfort.

More specifically, a bone broth fast can;

  • Help treat autoimmunity
  • Treat joint pain
  • Help detox the liver and digestive system
  • Make your skin glow (q the angelic ‘ahhhhhha’)
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost immunity
  • Boost mineral intake
  • Help decrease inflammation, reducing the intensity autoimmune symptoms
  • Treat Leaky GUT Syndrome
  • And more

What a Bone Broth Fast Involves

Bone broth fasts are usually recommended for a maximum of three days. Across these three days, participants can skip any meal and replace it with bone broth – or if they choose to eat one meal a day (for example) it’s recommended they consume veggies, fruits, and some healthy fats and proteins.

The added bonus of a bone broth fast, is that bone broth is filling! Yes, you heard that right. You won't be walking around "hangry" and incapable of functioning. Bone broth will fill your tummy, making a fast quite easy!

A good amount of broth to consume in a day, during a fast is between 3.4 and 4.5 litres. Spreading consumption out to 3-hour intervals is also a good idea. Although bone broth is packed with an abundance of goodness, it’s also important to take a good quality probiotic during and after a bone broth fast. Probiotics are beneficial to healing a leaky GUT and healing digestion.

It must also be pointed out that bone broth fasts are not for everyone. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, people who suffer from hypoglycaemia and people who are underweight should not undertake a fast. Regardless of your circumstance, it’s always a good idea to discuss fasting intentions with a medical professional before diving right in.

So, if you’re confident a bone broth fast is right for your body, it could be the perfect way to shake of those unhealthy winter vibes and dance your way into spring and summer. Even if you’re not entirely convinced that a bone broth fast is for you, now is the perfect time to stock up on Broth of Life’s certified organic, dehydrated bone broth. A healthier you starts somewhere… Maybe that somewhere is right here and now.

Get started! Order your Broth of Life today and feel the difference tomorrow!


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