Maybe It Was Something I Ate?

Maybe It Was Something I Ate?

Written by Alison Bell


Maybe it’s food poisoning…

It’s an elusive beast. One that we can never really know is there until it’s too late… But one that, pretty much, all of us has faced one way or another. Whether it was from a high-end restaurant – or from a 3am post dance floor kebab, we all know it’s gross… And we wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

If you’re suffering from food poisoning – or a foodborne illness, you’re probably suffering from a combination of vomiting, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and chills. Depending on the state of your immune system you could suffer from all of the above – or only have very mild symptoms.

Now, food poisoning is a lot more common than one might first think… In fact, according to the Australian Institute of Food Safety, it’s estimated that more than 5 million Australians suffer from foodborne illnesses each year with 120 of those resulting in death. Scary, right?

If you want to eat out and enjoy yourself, it can be hard to avoid… No one wants to live in a bubble for fear of anything – so, the next option? Focus on recovery – and of course boosting our immune systems. And how do we do that? You guessed it - with bone broth!
Bone broth is a dietary staple that has been around for centuries – and there’s good reason for it’s longevity.

Now, if you’re reading my blog, it’s more than likely that you already know that my passion for this liquid gold, that I have based my life around, is huge! And there’s a good reason for that. Put simply, it’s amazing stuff and if you ask me, it bloody-well works.

When you look at our bone broth, and more specifically, our organic, dehydrated chicken bone broth - what’s in it and what it’s capable of, it’s pretty hard to argue the point.

Individual results obviously vary, but my personal experience, my family’s, friends’ and customers’ experiences have been met with a resounding, ‘We feel great. Give us more!’

For those who haven’t yet given it a whirl or don’t know much about it, Chicken bone broth is well known for it's healing abilities on the upper respiratory tract… We’ve all heard the saying ‘chicken soup for the soul’… Well, it’s not far off. Packed with amino acids it can fight infections, inflammation, improve digestion, thanks to the presence of chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine it can act as an anti-inflammatory and… it’s tasty! Bonus, right?! It also contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium – which means it promotes healthy bones.

Broth of Life’s organic, dehydrated chicken broth is also paleo friendly and gluten free.
It’s the perfect elixir if you’re recovering from a 4am chicken roll, a foodborne illness, or from over indulgence and is the ideal pantry staple if you want to prepare your body and immune system for any sort of infection.

So, next time you’ve had a funky looking burrito or a not so fresh tasting prawn cocktail, just remember, chicken bone broth REALLY could help with the discomfort that may follow.

Alternatively, buy some now! Drink it every day like I do… I’m quite comforted by the idea that a brothee a day keeps the nasties at bay… And by building my immune system, I’m far less likely to have any form of spontanious explosion down below in a taxi or elevator… And the world really does need less of that. So, when you think about it, what we make, produce and prevent, COULD actually be considered a public service *wink* 


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