Get Your Spring Back!

Get Your Spring Back!
Cleanse with Bone Broth.

Spring has definitely sprung. In fact, here in Queensland you’d be considered sane for thinking it’s already Summer… Regardless of temperature, spring inevitably marks the time of year when we’re all in rejuvenation mode. Whether it’s clearing out a wardrobe, your entire house or flushing your body of toxins, spring cleaning is a term well-known to many of us.

Winter is done, the snot begins to disappear, coughs fade away… which, in theory, means we should be feeling better.... Yet somehow, we’re not. Somehow the shadow of winter can hang over us for longer than we expect. As spring begins it’s only natural then, that we want to dance to the same tune as the seasons and get back a bit of bounce.

If you’re looking for a cleansing method, there is an abundance of detoxing cleanses out there. There’s the Colon Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Master Cleanse, Green Smoothie Cleanse, Juice Cleanse, and the lemon detox to name a few. Then of course there are all the branded, packaged versions – but don’t even get me started on those. All of these pale in comparison to a bone broth cleanse.

With most detox plans or cleansing programs, your body is denied of certain nutrients and vitamins, which are often replaced by supplements. This is not the case with a bone broth cleanse as all the nutrients you need are present in this golden elixir.

‘What makes a bone broth cleanse so different?’ You ask. Why should I choose it over the other detox options floating around? Because it works. Because it’s good for you. Because you will be doing your body a favour AND you will look and feel incredible.

Quite a claim, right? Yes, it is. But I speak from experience. You see, in the not so distant past, I was faced with a scenario in which I was experiencing severe abdominal pains. These pains ended up being diagnosed as sub-acute appendicitis. A common ailment, yes – but it was a severe case and it was late in the game. I was told by a random GP (before I was even diagnosed) that surgery was essential. This did not sit well with me. I consulted my usual integrative doctor who suggested, before going under the knife, I try a closely supervised natural therapy. She suggested a bone broth fast.

Consequently, I combined herbs and supplements that she gave me with 4 days of nothing but bone broth. Daily bloods were taken to observe my white blood cell count and I eventually came good. It took some time, but I came good – without surgery.

Now, even though the treatment I received worked miraculously well for me, by no means am I saying that bone broth can cure appendicitis. Every circumstance is different and you should always consult your Doctor if you are experiencing pain or symptoms that set off warning bells. My point is though, that if bone broth can have such a profound effect on the recovery of someone so unwell, how can we possibly doubt its capabilities as a detoxing or cleansing agent?

It is nutrient dense, it provides us with the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies crave and it’s easily absorbed. Oh, and let’s not forget the extent of its healing powers when it comes to the gut and joints. So, this spring, if you’re looking to spring clean your body and flush out your system, consider using bone broth as a fasting partner. It’s tasty, nourishing and oh so good for you.

* Please note: Fasting and starving yourself are 2 very different things. Fasting refers to a period where you consume very little food or only liquid. In a fasting scenario, your body still receives the nutrients it needs to stay energised.



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