ANZAC Day… Respecting Traditions & Starting Some of our Own

ANZAC Day… Respecting Traditions & Starting Some of our Own
If you’re an Australian or a New Zealander, you will know all about the history of ANZAC day, it’s true meaning and the respect we all have for it.

In a world of waning traditions, I must say, I’m pretty bloody proud of the fact that this one is standing strong – and evolving in a beautiful way. For those who might not be so familiar with it, Anzac Day, April 25, marks the anniversary of the first campaign of the ANZACS (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) that set out to capture Gallipoli, and in which we suffered our first major casualties.  

Anzac Day itself began as a day to commemorate the events of Gallipoli, to remember all who served and suffered, to respect their sacrifices and remember their spirits. Over time, it has since become a day that honours all who have served and died in all wars and conflicts. It celebrates courage, mateship and sacrifice and is a huge part of both countrys’ National identities. 

Along with Dawn Service, the National Ceremony, the Last Post Ceremony and the symbolism of the red poppy being integral parts of Anzac Day commemorations, Anzac Biscuits also have their place. Originating during the times of war and often referred to as ‘army biscuits’, they had a long shelf life, where incredibly hard and were supplied to soldiers as a substitute for bread. Like Anzac Day itself, these biscuits too have evolved into a more modernised version. They are now more of a sweet treat containing rolled oats, plain flour, coconut, butter, golden syrup, bi-carb soda and water (further variations obviously exist).

Thinking nostalgically about how the soldiers struggled so much, how much this important day in our history and culture has evolved over time, I thought, aside from the obvious attending of the dawn service and watching the commemorations on TV ‘How can I do more on the day?’ With a genuine respect for the true meaning and wanting to get my kids involved even more in the essence of the day, I figured it was time to make ANZAC biscuits together as a family.

Being a family that has very limited sugar intake, it was time to make some adjustments to the traditional recipe. ANZAC biscuits are certainly far from the unhealthiest biscuit out there, but I needed a more nutritious version which of course includes some of Broth of Life's dehydrated bone broth. The advantage of the powder is that I can sneak it into any form of cooking and the family can not even notice it is there.

It has made me even more enthusiastic for this special, historical, sad, nostalgic, nationally significant day to come around, to get my kids involved and to start new traditions while keeping the old ones alive.

If you too would like to try out this recipe as a part of your celebrations, here in the link:
Please give us feedback and tell us about your own Anzac Day traditions.
Lest We Forget.


Broth of Life Bone Broth

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