Winter Comfort Foods

Winter Comfort Foods


After a big day of feeling the cold, we all look forward to a deliciously warming dinner. Comfort foods come into their own in these cold months and quickly become the ‘go-to’ when temperatures begin to drop. Whether they are ones your Mum use to make, ones you developed a true appreciation for later in life or ones that seem somewhat unusual, the foods we love can have a profound effect on the way we are feeling.

While often physically warming there is a magical power that comfort foods possess. They also manage to warm the soul. How they do it is likely through our own mental or emotional association. A memory. A moment. A time in our lives. Food plays such a pivotal role in who we are and too often we forget how wonderful it can really be as we can tend to think of it as ‘just a necessity.’
Well, not here at Broth of Life. Not anymore at least. Along with ramping up our passion for food through our fabulous recipe book, ‘Cooking with Bone Broth,’ our appreciation for winter comfort foods and the emotional healing power they possess is stronger than ever.
In recognition of this appreciation, we decided to share our collective favourite comfort foods that, with the addition of bone broth, can become a powerhouse of soulful, nutritional goodness.

Spaghetti Bolognese

An Italian classic and an Aussie family fave for any season, ‘spag bol’ is a staple in most houses. It tends to make more regular appearances in winter, as do most pasta dishes! Give it a nutritional boost during the cooking process by adding a dose of beef bone broth, or sprinkle it over the meal at serving time. Utterly delish!

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

    Not necessarily known for it’s healthiness, your favourite mac ‘n’ cheese recipe can be enhanced this winter by adding a touch of our dehydrated chicken bone broth.

    Chicken Soup

      An age old cold and flu remedy, the humble chicken soup has stood the test of time. Why use chicken stock when you can load your soup with vitamins and nutrients using chicken bone broth. Dilute 1 teaspoon to 100ml of water and feel the difference! Or for the added flavour boost, make the base with our Vegetable Stock and top up your bowl at serving time by sprinkling 1 tsp of powder over your dish.

      Cauliflower Cheese

        This one might not be quite as common, but when done well… holy moly, it really can make a meal. Sprinkle in whichever flavour bone broth suits the meal you are matching your cauliflower cheese with and it will take it to another level.

        Hearty Beef Stew

          Nothing warms the cockles quite like a slow cooked beef stew. They’re rich, heavy and the perfect foodie version of a warm hug on a cold, wet day. Add Broth of Life’s certified organic dehydrated beef bone broth for an extra nutrient dense kick. It will not only make it healthier, but boost the flavour hit too!

          Bangers and Mash

            Creamy mash, delicious sausages… and don’t forget the gravy! Throw a little bone broth into your gravy mix and this dish can become one worth writing home about!

            Hot chips

              Need I say more? I have not met a single person who doesn’t love hot chips! For a healthy alternative to the luxurious indulgence that is chicken salt, try our chicken broth salt. It may well change your life!

              There are so many more comfort dishes floating around that bone broth can so very easily be added to. Listing them all would be insanely time consuming and probably incredibly boring. Instead, I invite you to share yours with us! We would love to know what you add your Broth of Life bone broth or other products to, to enhance flavour and overall goodness.

              In the meantime, enjoy winter as much as you can. Cook up those comforting meals, light the fire and enjoy. If you’re anything like me though, you’ll need to remind yourself to keep active and maintain motivation amidst the cold and the madness of everyday life. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Too many comfort meals and minimal exercise can mean bad things for our health and a sense of doom when we finally begin to head back into warmer months and closer to a pool.

              So, enjoy but do be mindful. Health is number 1. Lucky our bone broth is so darn tasty that you simply can’t help but be healthy, right?! *wink*


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