Too Busy Taking Care of the Family to Take Care of Yourself?

Too Busy Taking Care of the Family to Take Care of Yourself?

From the moment we first find out there is a baby on the way we are told to look after ourselves. Yet, almost immediately, an instinct kicks in that causes us to put ourselves second, third and, in some cases, last. As expectant mothers we do of course eat better, ensure we are active and look after our bodies, but when you think about it, none of us are doing it for ourselves are we? We’re doing it for the little person growing inside us.

There is obviously nothing wrong with this. We all do it. It’s instinct. An innate sense of a purpose and responsibility that goes beyond our own comfort – our own needs. While it seems to be the done thing that mothers look after the family and put themselves last, it doesn’t have to be.

Deny yourself certain privileges and comforts for too long and it will eventually exhaust, anger, depress or constrict you to breaking point. And no-one wants to be there. It’s a funny thing though, that until recently a mother who chose to reclaim herself was somehow a less dedicated mother. Absurd, right? We know that now. But in opinions of the past, it was all too common. Show a sign of weakness or vulnerability and you were looked at a little differently. Express the need for time for yourself and all of a sudden you didn’t care about your kids. While these opinions do still exist throughout parts of society, they shouldn’t. No-one should be chastised for wanting to feel good. After all, it’s that feeling that ultimately helps us be better wives, mothers, daughters, friends or employees.

Thankfully, in this modern world of support and acceptance, women support each other more than they judge. They encourage more than they dampen. They choose to fight for each other rather than face off against each other. It is this aspect of modern society that allows us as mothers to stand up and say, ‘Hey, I need a bit of TLC too!’

It’s a beautiful thought. Some of us are strong enough to do it. To step away and compose ourselves in a way that only we know how. But too many are still copping it sweet. Sacrificing every part of themselves for the good of their families. While it’s a beautiful, noble thing and we do respect you for it, we also know how important it is to find time for you. With a complete and fulfilled, healthy and fit version of yourself you can be an even better mother, sister, partner, daughter or friend. Drilling yourself into the ground does not equate to the best version of yourself in any scenario.

So, in the spirit of the recent Mother’s Day extravaganza that may or may not have taken place in your home, take a little time for yourself this week or month... And keep it going! It can be as simple as reading that book you’ve had on your bedside table for 6 months or sitting down with a warm mug of Broth of Life’s dehydrated certified organic bone broth (wink) to just take a moment to feel present in the madness of every day life. Whatever way you choose to ‘look after yourself,’ run with it. Embrace it. Own it. Because Mama, being the best version of you starts with looking after YOU! Only then can you be fully armed to face challenges like excessive poo-namis, an entire family with gastro or teenagers going through puberty!

Stay strong, ladies! We’ve got this!



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