Natural tips to help your child's digestion

Natural tips to help your child's digestion

Life is hard for a child with indigestion (and for the rest of the family). If your child regularly has a sore tummy, here are some natural tips to settle it.

Living with a child who has indigestion and stomach difficulties can be hard for everyone. Unfortunately, almost all children suffer from this condition at one time or other.  

While stomach pain passes and isn’t an indicator of a major problem in many cases, it is hard to watch a child go through the pain of a sick tummy. 

If you’re looking for solutions, an all-natural approach is a good way to start when it comes to your child’s indigestion.

Tips to help a child with indigestion

Here are four things to try:

  1. No overeating: Overeating is the biggest cause of upset tummies in young children. The old chestnut of making your child eat everything on their plate may not apply if you have given them too much food. Likewise, it is best to monitor what they put in their mouths when you're not around. Remind them that getting too excited about food and eating too much can result in a lot of discomfort.
    For more information about how much your child should be eating, check out

  2. Exercise: It should come as no surprise that exercise is important. Exercise not only helps fitness, it also keeps growing bodies stable. Staying active can also help by releasing endorphins that aid in gut health and keeps your child happy and healthy overall.

  3. Hydration: Being well hydrated helps maintain gut health and keep the bowels moving Constipation and indigestion in children can often occur at the same time so easing one will often help the other. Either way, hydration is essential for healthy tummies.

  4. Diet: Naturally, what we put in our stomachs has a huge effect on how they operate. A diet high in fibre and low in processed foods and fast food will be more conducive to a healthy tummy. Some foods even work to combat indigestion in kids.

If you have a child with indigestion, make sure they aren’t overeating and that they are getting all the exercise they need. Keep them hydrated, and work on their diet. A natural diet is best, avoiding added preservatives and heavily processed foods.

Bone broth for sore tummies

To soothe your child's stomach ache without heading to the pharmacy, try cooking with or serving bone broth.

This natural, affordable and versatile product has been used to help with stomach health and digestion for centuries. When created from quality ingredients, it is full of amino acids and can be extremely beneficial to keep the lining of the stomach healthy. Bone broth also acts as a lubricant to keep food moving smoothly through your child’s system.

The best news is that bone broth is also tasty and versatile so it’s easy to serve to your child. It can be taken purely as a hot drink or used in any number of delicious soup or dinner recipes. Whatever your child’s taste there will be a recipe that includes bone broth that they will happily look forward to.

Broth of Life

If you want to try bone broth to help a child with indigestion, look for a product that is high quality and organic certified. Check out the Broth of Life range for dehydrated bone broth or vegetable stock that is easy to add to almost any recipe.

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