How to feel fab after festive overindulgence

How to feel fab after festive overindulgence

Festive Feasting

The bells have been jingled, the halls have been decked, the ding dongs well and truly merrily ‘on-highed’…  Uncle Barry drank too much port - again… And let’s be real – you probably consumed enough food and booze for the whole family - the rest of the year.

If your Christmas went a little like this, then like mine, your body probably feels less like the well-oiled machine that it normally is and more like a dump truck that needs a complete engine replacement.

It’s the most wonderful time of year, it’s MAGIC! The kids love it, family reunites, Faith is acknowledged, respected and sometimes restored… Santa gets a run, billions of dollars are pumped back into the economy – and while our wallets seem to be at the forefront of the suffering – our bodies can become somewhat neglected and even abused without us even realising.

Now, by no means am I saying that we should not indulge in the joys that inevitably come along with Christmas and the Festive Season. Avoiding the festivities is near impossible… we all know, it’s pretty hard to say no to a second serving of Aunty Elsie’s Christmas trifle!

What I AM saying is that now, that it’s over, we should probably start a bit of a recuperation mission.

How do we do that? With dehydrated, organic bone broth – of course!

Broth of Life’s Dehydrated, organic bone broth is made wholly and solely with organic goodness.  As a result of being made from superior, organic grass fed cattle, organic free range chickens, organic biodynamic lambs and organic vegetables, our broth is rich in the nutrients that our bodies need to keep them firing on all cylinders.

How does bone broth help us recover from Christmas gorging?

It all (literally) boils down to the goodness within an animal’s bones. The marrow and cartilage that reside inside the bones, that nutrient rich goodness… That’s the secret. It is so rich in gelatin that it is often considered to be biological ‘gold.’ Why else to you think dogs munch away at bones to finally get to the inside? It’s in their nature – it’s primal to get to the most nutrient rich part of whatever they are eating… We humans obviously can’t or won’t gnaw at bones until we get enough gelatin to nourish our bodies, so we need it in a form consumable by the human body - and our dehydrated broth is just the ticket!

As far as how it actually works goes, the gelatins, vitamins and minerals in our bone broths mean that they can be used to treat a leaky gut and to relieve joint pain. The glycine in bone broth helps the liver to do its job properly and therefore stay healthy after all of those festive frivolities we are all partial too. Bone broth also helps digestion, can reduce inflammation, helps fight infection, promotes healthy hair and skin – and the cherry on top? It tastes pretty darn good.

It’s the prefect ‘go to’ if you’re feeling sluggish (among other things) and is therefore the perfect pal to assist your Post Christmas recuperation. Order yours here to get your temple back to its spectacular self or stock up and consume a brothee as part of your daily diet. It keeps you feeling great and ensures your always prepared for the wonders and the aftermath of spontaneous or not so spontaneous overindulgence.

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