Get Patriotic!

Get Patriotic!


Pluggers, boardies, budgie smugglers, beach cricket, cane toad races, burning sun, a sizzling barbi, ice cold beer, zinc and footy. It seems, over the years these things are how we celebrate our national day. Well, these things… and LAMB.

While we musn’t forget that the day commemorates the founding, on the 26th of January 1788, of the colony of New South Wales, it somehow seems easier to shift the focus towards a form of meat. Many indigenous (and non-indigenous) Australians find that the day brings up feelings of hurt and sadness – and who are we to deny anyone any feeling they might have inside them as a result of past occurrences. While still respecting those feelings, I think focusing on lamb is an excellent way to make the occasion more of a festivity for all.

I love this country and I love to celebrate everything about it from it's vastly differing landscapes of deserts, rainforests and snow fields to the stunning ocean shores. It's multicultural diversity. This country has it all. The amazing selection of foods and natural produce, the fresh clean water, the stunning and unique wildlife, long lasting sunshine. Where else can you find town names like "Wagga Wagga", "Bli Bli", "Lake Disappointment" and "Mount Glorious"! Our unique slang is like no other "Bloody oath mate!  It'll be a bonza party totally going off once Bazza gets out of is budgie smugglers and downs a tinny". I celebrate everything about this country on Australia Day.

I’m proud that the focus in the media is something simple, genuine – and true! Let’s get rid of the inaccurate generalized colloquialisms! Let’s be done with the stigma that we all have just a little bit of bogan in us with a touch of casual racism – because we don’t –and it’s rubbish!

If you haven’t seen the latest lamb campaign to hit our screens, I urge you to do yourself a favour and have a watch. It’s a poignant message hidden within an entertaining, celebrity riddled, 2 and a half minute video. While it reiterates my feelings on the lamb front, it also carries with it, what I think should be the true meaning of Australia Day – what SHOULD optimize Australia - and that is, acceptance of all cultures into our great nation… No exceptions, no prejudices.

I have to admit that when I watched it, I was hoping that the logo that came up at the end was going to be that of the Australian government… I obviously realize that with so many controversial topics covered off in 2 and a half minutes, this is an impossible thing to hope for – but strangely, despite the ad being about lamb, the hidden message did actually give me a little bit of hope.

While I realize this is no campaign featuring a number of A-list celebrities… And it’s not a Sam Kekovich worthy address – by any stretch - this IS me, in my humble glory, saying WHY NOT support lamb as it becomes the patriotic emblem of our sunburnt country?! Let’s embrace it’s hidden messages of acceptance, accountability – and also forgiveness! Let’s live the Australia we WANT to live in – not the one stereotypes and small mindedness has given us!

So, THIS January 26, if a barbi and the Hottest 100 is not your thing (or even if it is)…
Boil the kettle, make yourself a mineral packed, nutrient dense dehydrated, organic lamb bone brothee - or simply sprinkle the lamb broth on your barbie meats - and LAMB UP AUSTRALIA!

Personally, I think it’s a meat worthy of the feat!

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