Dr Brett Hill from The Wellness Guys

Dr Brett Hill from The Wellness Guys

Hometown: Adelaide

Star Sign: Saggitarius

I start my day with a nice long shower

I relax with a book or a walk

If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be in a tent with my kids

My secret to staying young is understanding that you can't stay young but if I take care of myself I can age gracefully.

Best advice for starting a paleo diet is keep it simple

The main reason choose packaged food is it is cheap and easy and sometimes tasty.

The favourite part of my job is helping people make changes that benefit their kids.

I keep my energy up by exercising regularly.

My favourite type of exercise is short and simple

The most important part of wellness for me is being kind to myself.

My favourite meal is steak

My most treasured “possession” is my time!

I wish I had spent more time dancing

I wish I hadn’t been so impatient

My happiest moment in life was watching my kids laugh

I’m very bad at attention to detail

I’m very good at seeing the big picture

Friends say I’m happy

My greatest fear is not making a difference

If only I could be more present

I’m always being asked why I smile so much

My worst job was doing my tax

My motivational tip is keep moving forward

I don’t like drama

I’m very happy being alone

I love quality time with friends

I’m currently listening to my "fun" station on Pandora

My favourite movie is Two Hands

I can’t wait to what my kids do with their lives.

Dr Brett Hill 
The Wellness Guys
W:: http://www.drbretthill.com/
FB:: https://www.facebook.com/drbretthill/

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