The Portable Nutrient Dense Elixir

The Portable Nutrient Dense Elixir
The perfect addition to your holiday packing


Bone broth has many wonders. One of which is talked about less than others is the fact that it is so portable, particularly when in dehydrated form. It is the perfect addition to any overnight bag, weekend pack or suitcase. It brings with it the peace of mind that you and your family will have access to the nutrients, vitamins and minerals the body so desperately craves, while you’re on the road.

Though it might seem an incredibly innovative and new age approach to maintaining good health, the portability of bone broth is not a new craze. The concept existed long before you or I and even before bowls and pots where used as a vessel to transport or consume food. Numerous cultures across many hundreds of years experimented with how to get their food from one place to another. More importantly, they often needed to maintain their strength and health for long trips or for battle.

Eventually, and probably after quite a few spills, our ancestors decided that the best way to make their favourite soup or bone broth portable was to beat it down to powder form. Just like Broth of Life’s certified organic, dehydrated bone broth they carefully packaged it so it could later be rehydrated to return to its warm, silky, deliciously nutritious liquid form, just by adding hot water.

It’s nice to know then, isn’t it, that as we pile the family into the SUV for our next Easter camping adventure, we are somehow following in our ancestors’ footsteps. That by packing our portable bone broth safely in with our other kitchen items, we are paying homage to those bone broth addicts that went before us. They probably did realise at the time that they were on to a very good thing but could never have comprehended the longevity of the concept.

I for one am eternally gratefull for our many ancestors who dried, packed, rehydrated and consumed soup cakes, broth cakes and pocket soup. How fabulous for all of us that this ancient elixir has so strongly stood the test of time.

So, if you haven’t yet stocked up on some of Broth of Life’s super portable, certified organic, dehydrated bone broth for Easter, get cracking! Combat all that chocolate consumption with some nutrient dense, vitamin packed, immune boosting goodness by ordering yours now.



Broth of Life Bone Broth

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