The Must Have For All Athletes

by Alison Bell
Bone broth for athletes
Summer is fast approaching, and more people are returning to activity and sport. Some are getting back into seasonal competition, others have started training to shed a few of those winter kilo's. Whether you are a weekend warrior, getting fit or a professional athlete, it is important to restore fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat during intense training or activity in the Australian heat!

Bone broth is the perfect post workout drink as it contains a good dose of electrolytes in the form of:
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,
  • potassium,
  • sodium and
  • phosphorus.

These minerals are easily absorbed by the body in liquid form!
And the added bonus? Bone broth also gives a huge hit of protein to help repair damaged muscles, tendons and joints. If you want a speedy recovery, look no further than bone broth.

There is a reason more and more professional athletes such as Kobe Bryant and many of our local NRL and AFL football teams are turning to bone broth over the chemical laden sugar drinks and sports bars available on the market today. Bone broth as a daily supplement is one of the best sources to help your body heal, repair and grow.


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Alison @ Broth of Life

Hi Mira, We have not had it tested for obey electrolytes. You can see the full list of nutrients that we had tested, including calcium levels, on the nutritional panel of your bone broth. Cheers, Alison

Mira Rosa

Hello friends.
I adore your Fodmaps friendly chicken broth.
Have you had your broths tested for exact levels of nutrients, particularly calcium and the obey electrolytes?
Kind regards.

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