5 Powerful Wellness Tips for Fighting Obesity

5 Powerful Wellness Tips for Fighting Obesity

Written by Dana Brown of healthconditions.info

It’s no secret: Research shows that mental, physical and social wellness are closely tied together. Finding a balance between these areas can be difficult, especially if you feel like your mental, physical or social health has been out of whack for a while.
According to the New York Times, finding balance for both mental and physical health can be difficult because of complications from medication or inadequate opportunities for exercises. Taking the first step is the hardest part. Here are some tips for beginning and sticking to your goals.

1. Find a practical and fun workout routine

You have workout goals. You’ve got ideas about where you want to be in terms of fitness and maybe you have an idea of how you’re going to get there. First off, find workouts that you enjoy and can do regularly. Second, don’t underestimate the power of using a home gym. What often prevents people from going to the gym is how much time it takes to get dressed, drive to the gym and wait on equipment. Plus, that “gymtimidation” is real.
Before you buy anything, figure out which equipment best fits your goals and what available space you have. This allows you to get what you need without buying a bunch of unnecessary equipment. You might find space to store things under your bed, behind a couch, on a shelf somewhere, or even leave things out in the open for easy access.

2. Rest is best

An often-undervalued part of wellness and fighting obesity is getting a decent amount of sleep. An article from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that problems with sleep can contribute to obesity and weight gain. It’s a small irony that one of the best ways to increase productivity and fight obesity is being more well-rested. Prioritize getting enough sleep and turn off electronics that distract you.

3. Design a diet that fits you

A diet is just as important as working out. Some people find that simple calorie counting works best, while others have regiments that calculate macronutrient quantities. There are an almost endless number of diets, so be willing to experiment with a variety of diets and find one that fits you individually. When you try out a diet, commit to it so you can experience its possible effects. And after some time, examine its effects. Don’t completely cut out every food you like, because that might lead to relapsing. Ultimately, wellness is individual, and your own experimentation will tell you what’s best.

4. Don’t underestimate your mental health

There is a relationship between mental health and obesity. Problems with mental illness can limit motivation. Additionally, research has shown that certain medications can contribute to problems with losing weight. Talk with your doctor about side effects of prescriptions you might take and address negative areas of your life that might prevent you from reaching your potential. Doing this can be an important first step for losing weight and achieving your health goals.

5. Make it stick

It’s important to know how to make these habits stick. One method is to tell people you trust about your goals. Ask them to follow up with you to keep you accountable.
Set reminders. For instance, if your plan is to do a short workout twice a day, set a reminder on your phone that will remind you of your goal a couple times a day.
Finally, incentivize yourself. Give yourself rewards, whether that’s through watching your favorite show after a workout or taking a relaxing shower. Having something to look forward to when times get tough can help you get through the most difficult parts.
Studies show that taking advantage of proven wellness-focused tips and education can help you shed weight and find a healthy balance. Some of these tips might be more important for you, or you might be doing some of them already. Build on strengths you have now, and don’t try doing everything at once. Once you successfully create a habit, you’re more likely to succeed in finding overall wellness.


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