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Ceramic Coffee Mug

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Has anyone ever told you, you’ve got an ugly mug?

The perfect bone broth deserves an exquisite drinking vessel and Broth of Life’s ceramic coffee mug is exactly that. It’s the ideal way to enjoy your favourite bone broth products and will have your pals begging for a taste.

Never before has a mug been so appealing!

This ridiculously good looking, ceramic beauty becomes even more appealing once it’s jam packed full of the gelatines, vitamins, minerals and deliciousness that it so proudly represents.

Couple it with the healing powers of bone broth; the infection fighting, digestion improving, leaky gut syndrome treating, joint pain-relieving elixir that’s also packed with anti-inflammatory properties, and you’re onto a winner.

When filled with Broth of Life’s 100% certified organic ingredients, which are cooked for up to 48 hours, this mug becomes the ultimate health conscious cup – if ever there was such a thing.

We certainly realise that the powers belong not to the mug, but to its bone broth contents. But by purchasing it, you are shouting out to the world that you love bone broth. You’re saying you believe in Broth of Life and what we’re about (or maybe it’s just that you needed a mug you liked more than the one you got in the office KK).

Whether you’re buying our magnificent mug for yourself or for a fellow bone broth enthusiast, there’s no doubt it’s a tip top way to top up on all your dehydrated, certified organic bone broth products.

Order yours now and get the Broth of Life look as well as the feels.