Chicken Bone Broth (organic)

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Don't be a chicken! Let us make your insides glisten!

A wonder for the senses, our homemade, dehydrated Chicken Bone Broth is healing, versatile and a treat for the tastebuds!

Made from fresh hand-selected ingredients, our favourite bone broth is lovingly simmered for 24 hours to extract the most wholesome of nutrients from the necks and cartilage of organic free range chickens.

There’s no added nasties… No ingredients with long, confusing names. None. It’s 100% certified organic and all natural… and that of course means no MSG!

So, go on! Don’t be a chicken (pardon the pun)… STOCK up! (Boom tish! We’re on fire!)…


Key Benefits

Chicken bone broth is known for its healing abilities on the upper respiratory tract. It can fight infections, improve digestion, act as an anti-inflammatory.  A chicken bone broth at night can also aid in sleep, so it makes for the perfect night time soothing cuppa!

Nutritional Info

Chicken Bone Broth Ingredients:  
filtered water, organic free range chicken bones, organic celery, organic carrot, organic onion, organic garlic, Himalayan rock salt, organic pepper, organic apple cider vinegar. 

Net weight: 
90g: approximately 30 day supply, (3 litres of bone broth)
45g: approximately 14 day supply, (1.5 litres of bone broth)

Chicken Bone Broth Nutritional Information

How To Use

To rehydrate: add 1 tsp to 100ml boiling water.

One teaspoon is equivalent to 100ml of liquid broth. Simply add boiling water and your broth is ready for consumption. It's as easy as making a cup of tea.  Having it in dehydrated for is a convenient way to have broth at your fingertips anywhere, anytime!

Consume in Solid State: our broth is so versatile it can be consumed in powdered form by sprinkling on meals as you would a seasoning, or even eaten directly off the spoon!

It is great for adding or disguising (with children) into every day foods; ie: sprinkled onto meals at serving time, put in scrambled eggs, used as a seasoning with or instead of salt, added to soups or stocks, sprinkled on a stir fry, blended into a smoothie, and is perfect to add to desserts (TRULY IT IS!)... Get creative, the possibilities are endless!


How much do I take? Our bone broth contains nothing but natural food ingredients so there is no limit to have much you can consume. You can never do any harm, no matter your age! We recommend 1-2tsp per day to maintain optimal gut health. This can be consumed as a liquid or in its solid state.

Does it need refrigeration? No. Our bone broth can be stored in a cool dark place such as your pantry. We recommend storing in a glass jar for maximum shelf life, which is 2 years (please check the best before date on your sticker).

Where do your bones come from? Being certified organic, we are limited to a handful of certified organic farms across Australia. We are super proud to support these local farmers doing right by both the animals and the land in fair treatment and sustainability. We are very passionate about this believing happy animals make for healing foods.

How do you make your broth? There are NO secrets here. We cook our bone broth in the traditional manner, lots of organic ingredients and pure triple filtered rain water. The broth is slow simmered in stainless steel vestibules for a minimum of 48 hours and sets like jelly showing the high gelatin content essential for gut healing properties.

Why do you dehydrate? Bone broth has been dehydrated since the stone age. Truly! Our ancestors would dry their broth in animal skins on hot stones to allow them to carry it as the roamed. It is the only natural way to increase shelf life while completely maintaining all nutrients without any processing or modifications.

Why not make a paste? Making a paste would be far less time consuming and easier, however we do not wish to alter the natural state of our broth by reducing or adding artificial thickeners. We maintain maximum natural nutrients so there is never any need to add extras to boost the benefits.

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Customer Reviews

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Simone Toussaint
Chicken and Beef bone broth

I’ve been using this product for at least 10 years?
It’s amazing and so easy to use. Powdered bone broth is such an awesome idea. Thank you for creating such a consistent and tasty organic food that I add to everything! Including porridge.

So far using chicken, beef & the beef broth for our dog

Very happy with the products but also extremely happy with this company. One of our parcels went missing the company was notified by the delivery company (we didn’t have to do anything) and a new order was sent to us immediately. Will certainly continue to confidently order future products.

Love this

Very tasty and nutritious, love it in a mug with boiling water and also as sprinkles into salads.

Rob Peterson
Great additive in meal preparation

The Chicken Bone Broth is a healthy and nutritional addition to many dishes. My absolute favourite is in Pumpkin Soup. Family and friends love the soup so much but are quite shocked when I confess that the addition of bone broth from BOL is the secret.


I didn't like it. It tastes like oil drippings, wasn't very flavourful.