Twenty8 Magnesium Spray
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Twenty8 Magnesium Spray

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Magnesium Health Spray 50ml

A trans-dermal spray traditionally used to slow the aging process, relieve pain, discomfort and illness and promote health. Magnesium Chloride is rapidly absorbed into the skin and is the most efficient method at restoring cellular magnesium levels. Magnesium Health Spray is a potent natural substance that penetrates the cells with extraordinary results on cellular bio-chemistry with some of the benefits which are:


* Increases the release of DHEA - our youth hormone

* Encourages healthy, glowing skin

* Supports the repair of damaged skin cells

* Helps to facilitate safe and effective detoxification

* Helps relieve muscular aches and pains, cramps and spasms

* Relieves sore throats

* Improves muscle function

* A natural cellular protectant

* Increases energy levels

* Elevates moods and helps to relieve stress

* Supports a healthy immune system

* Helps to calm overactive nerves

* Supports the balance of the hormonal system

* Improves the quality of sleep

* Alleviates eye twitching

* Relieves growing pains


Directions for Use:

For muscular aches and pains, swelling, bruises and skin conditions spray onto the affected area and rub in gently 3–4 times per day. For sun damage, acne and skin rejuvenation, spray once onto the hands and apply to damp skin at night, follow with Essential Face Lift Serum. For insomnia use at night, rub into lower legs and top of feet. For colds, flu and general health maintenance use once a day behind knees and underarms. For a sore throat spray 3x into a small amount of warm water and gargle. For ingrown hairs spray into the effected area. This ancient practice of applying magnesium via the skin has been around for thousands of years due to the skin's amazing ability to absorb minerals via topical application.

Caution: Because Magnesium Oil is 100% salt it can cause stinging or itching on sensitive or open skin. We recommend adding 3 sprays to a carrier oil or moisturiser before applying to relieve any such reaction. Avoid eyes and freshly shaved or waxed areas.


Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride