Lamb Broth Fat (organic)
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Lamb Broth Fat (organic)

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Na na na na na na na na… FAT LAMB!

When simmering a deliciously nutritious lamb broth, the nutrient dense, fatty goodness naturally rises to the surface. It’s liquid (or, more gloopy) gold! We skim the lamb broth fat is from our lamb broth – and render it to produce a delicious, healthy cooking fat.  It’s jam packed with nutrients just like the actual broth, and has a broth flavour. It’s solid at room temperature and has a high smoke point so a great to use for frying, but with a very different flavour to tallow. This is arguably the most nutrient dense component of broth.
So, don’t be sheepish… Tuck in!

The fat will last up to a month when stored at room temperature, but this can be extended to six months when stored in the fridge. It is in solid state when cold, and liquid form once heated.