A 45 gram jar of beef bone broth, a 45 gram jar of chicken bone broth, a 100 gram satchel of chicken broth salt and a 160 gram jar of beef brellow
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Bone Broth Fun Pack (organic)

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Not sure which product to try first? EASY! Try them all! 

Falling in love with Broth of Life’s all natural, certified organic products is easy. Choosing just one is a little harder.

Maybe you’re keen to give our products a whirl and don’t really know where to begin, or perhaps you’re already a loyal customer looking to stock up. Either way, our Bone Broth Fun Pack could have all the answers you’ve been searching for.

Our Bone Broth Fun Pack is jam packed with the very best certified organic ingredients and is full to the brim with vitamins and nutrients.

In this tidy pack of goodness you will find 4 nutritional wonders which are equally delicious;

  • 1 Small beef bone broth (45gm) 
  • 1 Small chicken bone broth (45gm) 
  • 1 Brellow (our Beef Broth Rendered Fat) 
  • 1 Chicken broth salt  (100gm)

Each of these 4 fabulous products has it’s own set of key benefits.

Beef bone broth is well known to effectively treat the symptoms of a leaky gut. It can help relieve joint pain and is rich in gelatines, vitamins and minerals. Our certified organic beef bone broth is also paleo, nutrient dense and GAPS friendly.

Chicken bone broth is well known for its healing abilities on the upper respiratory tract. It can help fight infections, improve digestion and act as an anti-inflammatory. Chicken bone broth is also paleo friendly and gluten free.

Brellow is by far the most nutritious cooking fat used for high temperatures. It has a brilliant fat profile and is also known for reducing inflammation. Our brellow is also complimented with the vitamins, nutrients and other benefits provided by the bone broth it is made from.

Chicken broth salt is a healthier version of a well-known guilty pleasure. It contains all the benefits of our certified organic, dehydrated bone broth. Throw in some gorgeous Himalayan rock salt and our chicken broth salt becomes an irresistible addition to any meal.

So, now we’ve sorted the decision-making side of things, all you need to do is order your Bone Broth Fun Pack today.