Changing Habits Turmeric Powder 100 g
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Changing Habits Turmeric Powder 100 g

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Used in cooking for its beautiful, rich yellow colour and peppery, warm, slightly bitter flavour - one of the main spices used in curries

Why Changing Habits have sourced and supply organic Turmeric Powder…

Turmeric has been used in Ayurveda medicine for thousands of years and now the science is starting to show why. One of the main areas of research is that Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties due to its curcumin contain.  Cyndi, from Changing Habits, uses turmeric extensively in her cooking and their Turmeric Powder is organic, contains no fillers, additives or preservatives and has not been irradiated*.  

Turmeric comes from the plant Curcuma longa which is a member of the Zingiberaceae family.  Ginger is also a member of this family.  Our organic turmeric powder has been organically grown and produced in Sri Lanka.  The root is harvested, dried and ground in to a powder.  Fresh grounded and immediately packed to maintain the oils. Nothing is added or extracted. There are no fillers, additives or preservatives.  The powder is not irradiated at any stage.

*Irradiation is a process that uses radiation to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life of food. Radiation doses vary for different food stuffs, however the dose limit for spices is usually higher because they are consumed in very small quantities. Irradiated cat food has been banned in Australia since 2009.

Including turmeric in your diet adds colour and flavour. Turmeric gives food a beautiful rich yellow colour. It is one of the main spices used in curries. Turmeric has a peppery, warm, and slightly bitter flavour. Turmeric is a versatile spice and can be used to make curries, casseroles, sprinkled on roasted vegetables, used to make a spice rub, and added to rice and soups. Turmeric can also be used to make a tea or broth drink. This wonderful spice can even be added to sweet dishes.

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