A 45 gram jar of beef bone broth, a 45 gram jar of chicken bone broth and a 100 gram satchel of chicken broth salt
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Bone Broth & Chicken Salt Pack (organic)

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Give the gift of salty, brothee goodness!

Our Bone Broth and Chicken Salt Pack offers all the yumminess and benefits of dehydrated chicken bone broth and beef bone broth with our incredibly tasty chicken salt in one handy package.

All three organic products contain only certified organic ingredients and are jammed packed full of vitamins, nutrients and flavour.

Our bone broth and chicken salt pack is the perfect solution if you’re keen to try but not too sure what you want to buy. It also makes a fantastic gift.

Chicken Salt (Chicken Broth Salt)

This magic concoction consists of Himalayan pink salt and our nutrient dense dehydrated chicken bone broth. The perfect pair! The combination of these two products means you can have the delicious luxury of chicken salt on your chips and the health benefits of bone broth.

This product is the best of both worlds and is completely guilt free as there are no added nasties such as MSG.

Chicken Bone Broth

Known for its healing abilities on the upper respiratory tract, its ability to fight infections, improve digestion and act as an anti-inflammatory, chicken bone broth is both healthy and delicious.

Broth of Life’s dehydrated bone broth is also paleo friendly and gluten free. It’s cooked for a minimum of 24 hours allowing the optimum about of nutrients to be extracted from its 100% certified ingredients.

Beef Bone Broth

Cooked for a minimum of 48 hours, our beef bone broth is nutrient dense, rich in gelatines and the perfect addition to help boost the nutritional value of any meal.

It can be used to treat a leaky gut, can relieve joint pain and contains vitamins and minerals. Broth of Life’s beef bone broth is also organic, paleo friendly and GAPS friendly.

So, if you’re keen to try some of our favourite products, order your Bone Broth and Chicken Salt Pack today, we know you’ll love it!

Net weight:

  • 1 small beef bone broth (45gm) 
  • 1 small chicken bone broth (45gm) 
  • 1 chicken broth salt  (100gm )