Buffy's Broth

We all want the very best for our fur family and we at Broth of Life recognise this. With our own extended family of 2 cats and a dog, we have been providing our animals with nothing but the best of care in natural organic foods. As our Broth of Life products grew, we saw the need for an organic bone broth for our 4 legged friends. We saw the health benefits in our family immediately and are now in a position to share that with you and your pets!

Buffy's Broth is an all natural organic bone broth cooked with love and nourishment. We want the best for all pets. We believe that all natural, holistic, and organic pet foods can help pets live healthy lives, aiding comfort through common ailments in allergies, join pains and arthritis, coat quality, and overall wellbeing.  

Jan Clifford tells of her experience:

"I have a 12 year old Siamese cat who used to have inflammatory bowel disease.  He was hospitalised four times in the first 10 years of his life, spending 6-8 nights in hospital.  Afterwards there would be antibiotics and steroids.  After the last episode and having to give him so many pills, it was a full 12 months before I could stroke him on the head without him being wary of me.  He still had diarrhoea every day and used to be sick a couple of times a week as well.  As I had gone Paleo and was making my own bone broth, I started making chicken bone broth with just bones and ACV as he LOVES chicken.  Within 2 months of starting, his gut was healed and he has never looked back.

I also have a 6 year old Snow Shoe cross who is not remotely interested in any human food and used to have the most diabolically smelling stools.  If you didn't scoop the kitty litter straight away it would perfume the whole house!   A friend suggested bone broth for her as well but how to get her to take it as she never even looks at chicken or beef bone broth?  One day I had an aha moment and decided to sprinkle some of your Naked Beef bone broth on their saucers before putting the wet food on top and voila.  Now Issy gets her bone broth as well and Ben gets a bit more.  I am very happy to say the smelly stools are no longer and they are both in the best of health with soft, shiny coats."