Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub (organic)

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The NEW taste of chicken! A Flavour Fiesta in Every Bite!

You know how everyone says everything tastes like chicken? Well with our Portuguese Chicken meat rub, we guarantee your chicken won't taste vanilla!

Prepare for a culinary journey to Portugal without ever leaving your kitchen, thanks to our tantalising Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub. This seasoning blend is like a ticket to the vibrant streets of Lisbon – full of flavour, zest, and just a little bit of spice.

Our secret? A carefully crafted mixture of spices and herbs that embodies the soul of Portuguese cuisine. It's a symphony of flavours, with just the right amount of heat and savoury goodness to make your taste buds dance with delight.

While we can't claim it's sugar-free (we've got a touch of sweetness for balance), we can guarantee it's downright delectable. We've struck the perfect balance between flavours, creating a taste sensation that's pure Portuguese perfection.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable culinary adventure with every chicken dish you prepare. Whether you're grilling, roasting, or sautéing, our Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub turns your meal into a fiesta of flavours. It's like having a Portuguese chef in your kitchen, without the long-haul flight!

So, if you're ready to take your chicken dishes to a whole new level, our Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub is your passport to a world of taste. Spice up your chicken, and savour the vibrant essence of Portugal with every bite!


Nutritional Info

Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub Ingredients:
Organic dehydrated chicken bone broth, Himalayan salt, organic rapadura sugar, organic smoked paprika, organic sweet paprika, organic garlic granules, organic onion powder, organic coriander powder, organic cumin powder.

Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub Nutritional Panel

Net weight: 
100g: approximately 30 chicken fillets, drumsticks or wings!

How To Use

The perfect blend of broth and herbs to rub on all meats, especially lamb.
Season generously and rub the blend into the meat. Use as a marinade base by adding oil or sauces. 


How much do I take? There is no limit. With no added nasties, just pure real organic ingredients, the sky is the limit on how much of this rub you can use! Find you perfect flavour MEATer (see what I did there) and go to town!

Does it need refrigeration? No. Our products can be stored in a cool dark place such as your pantry. We recommend storing in a glass jar for maximum shelf life, which is 2 years (please check the best before date on your sticker).


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Sharon D

all organic

Jenice Rowe
Divine Broth Rub

Who ever thought it would be possible to develop a natural bone broth to use as a rub or marinade!! It has the most spectacular flavour & we love it.

Graham R Murray
Wrong Rub

We didn't get the Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub ... though we ordered it.
We instead were wrongly sent the Texas Beef Rub

Great flavour

Used the Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub on pork ribs and loved them so much, the flavor was tasty without being spicy, kept the taste buds happy and knowing it was all clean eating with organic foods was such a bonus. Cant wait to try the other versions of these rubs :)

Mandy Spooner

Hubby and I lOVE the Portuguese Chicken Meat Rub. Its super tasty, and I love the clean ingredients and how easy it is to use 🙌 I'm looking forward to trying the other meat rubs!