New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

New Year’s Resolutions – to achieve or not to achieve.

You’ve heard it all before… ‘With a New Year comes new beginnings’, ‘New Year – New You’, ‘New Year, fresh start.’ Whichever way you put it, the sentiment is generally the same at the beginning of each year. Whether they are trying to sell you a gym membership, get you on board for a diet plan or trying to convince you to do a wardrobe reshuffle, the marketing angle never really changes.

We are not the innocents in this little dance though, it must be said. It takes two, so to speak.

Each year, we make resolutions, we encourage businesses to market to us in a certain way, and because it is relevant to us, naturally, we respond. I’m not having a go at businesses for New Year marketing – and I’m not putting consumers down for responding to it. I am merely pointing out the irony of the fact that we always want change when January 1 bounces around – but are immediately drawn into old patterns one way or another.

As far as resolutions go, there are generally 2 types of people… Those who make them – and those who don’t. Which are you?

Sadly, I have to admit, that I make them – and every year, more often than not, I also break them. I don’t know what sadistic part of me it is that sets myself up for a fall each year. Is it that we think big when it comes to resolutions – and think we’re more likely to achieve things if we say them out loud in the company of acquaintances and often near strangers? Or is it simply that we feel that if we have someone other than ourselves to answer to, we become more accountable? Either way, this year, one of my resolutions is to achieve my resolutions!

As far as you achieving resolutions go… My advice? Forget the big ones. Why not start with something small but achievable? Something that will have maximum impact on your health?!

If improving your overall wellbeing is on the top of your list of priorities, then rather than dreaming an impossible dream like losing 20 kilos in 3 weeks, start with improving the condition of your insides and how you FEEL, with a daily dose of Broth of Life’s organic, dehydrated bone broth! When you feel good, you’re more inclined to feel like exercising… And you often look good too. By all means, keep your weight loss goals, keep all your other resolutions too… After all our dreams and desires are what keep us going. Just add bone broth to the start of it all. It really is just like consuming a little cup of goodness. It keeps your motor running, it’s filled with minerals and nutrients! It has done wonders for MY way of life and for that of many of our customers (just read the testimonials if you need proof) and may just give YOU the extra boost you need to succeed.

I really do wish you all the best with kicking some serious New Year’s resolution BUTT this year – but remember, my advice is to start rebuilding your system first, strengthen it - and support it to endure the lifestyle that you already lead. I truly believe that once you are as well as you can be, you are more likely to succeed – and our bone broth has the potential to make you feel on top of the world.

As for my resolutions? Well, I’d better get my gloves on and go ‘spend some more time in the garden’… but first? A brothee to help me through! Cheers *WINK*



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