Is bone broth a libido booster?

Is bone broth a libido booster?


Most of us have heard the saying, ‘I’ve got my beer goggles on!’

If we haven’t said it ourselves, we’ve heard others say it … And for those who don’t know it’s meaning, it’s a reference to the affect that alcohol can have on one’s vision, making even the most unattractive or undesirable of situations – or you guessed it, people, to be the most irresistible proposition they’ve ever been hit with. Now, I’m fairly certain that there is no scientific evidence to back the ‘beer goggles’ theory up – but it does offer an excellent Segway into this week’s topic, Libido. Settle down… I’m not going to get all ‘red light special’ on you, but what I do pose is the question of, ‘If one ‘drink’ can affect the way we see things, accept things and even how interested we are in the bedroom, then why can’t another, that has more beneficial elements than alcohol, do a similar thing?’

In short, ‘Does bone broth do it for you?’

While there is no real proof that the ‘beer goggle’ theory is actually ‘a thing’, it’s pretty well known as folklore that alcohol is often used as, or considered an aphrodisiac. It must be said, that this is not an uncommon claim. Throughout history, many foods and drinks have been associated with ‘getting down’, ‘getting freaky’, doing the ‘horizontal mambo’ – or just ‘getting your motor running.’ From pomegranate, artichokes and asparagus to chocolate, honey and strawberries – there are hundreds of theories out there. It’s no surprise then, that bone broth, with all its amazing ingredients and other health benefits, has aroused suspicion (pardon the pun) when it comes to ‘getting the pistons firing.’

We can throw around theories and claims all we like – but it’s always nice to have a little medical and scientific back-up. An article published by the ‘World Journal of Gastroenterology’ states that, “Recent clinical and experimental findings support the modulatory actions of sex hormones exerted at different levels of the brain-gut-microbiota axis in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Sex hormones may influence peripheral and central regulatory mechanisms contributing to the alterations in visceral sensitivity, motility, permeability, and immune activation of intestinal mucosa.”

In other words, what the study they are referring to found was, sex hormones may well play an important role in the functions of the gut, both proactively and reactively – so, these sex hormones may well also be positively influenced as a result of the gut being in great condition. If your gut and all of it’s functions are on their A-game, then so too may be your sex drive!

Furthermore, in a medical research article based on a study of mice (published on, the authors state that in their study, gut microbiota differed in males and females – that is until the male mouse was castrated. This therefore confirms that gut microbiota is influenced by androgens – supporting the notion that gut health and sex hormones are intricately linked.

It’s also a pretty common truth that if you feel good and if your body is in great shape, you’re more inclined to undertake physical activity… And let’s face it, it IS the best form off exercise going ‘round!

So, if your gut can influence your sex hormones, resulting in more interest, stamina… vitality in the bedroom – and bone broth – and more specifically, Broth of Life, can improve the function of your gut – then what are you waiting for? John Lennon once said, “make love, not war,” … and this world needs a whole lot more love at the moment, that’s for sure!
SO, drink up! Forget the beer and the goggles! Who needs them! Pour yourself a big ol’ mug of ‘the love broth’ put on some Marvin Gaye and! In the name of research if nothing else… *wink*


*Broth of life do not offer medical advice and always recommend that you consult your GP with any medical enquiries relating to bone broth and it’s benefits.
*Individual results may vary.


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