Carren Smith: Mindset Master

Carren Smith: Mindset Master

Hometown: Sunshine Coast

Star Sign: Aquarius

I start my day with: Something really positive and awesome to say to myself like “I’m totally brilliant in every way possible!!"
I relax with: Meditation, a good book or whiskey!!
If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be: On a cloud with lots of animals all having fun around me.
My secret to staying young is: Being hilarious!! Heheheheheheh I laugh at myself ALOT and I look for things to laugh about all the time!!
Best advice for self awareness is: Be willing to look INSIDE instead of outside. Nothing you want exists outside of yourself, yet EVERYTHING you want exists within.
The main reason people lack happiness is: They are looking for ‘things’ and ‘people’ and ‘experiences’ to complete them and to make them happy and these things will never fill the happiness void because they are life’s little bonus gifts when we ARE happy, they are not the cause of happiness. Never have been and never will be. Happiness is the natural state of being human when all things and beliefs are removed. It is not something to search for, it is something to acknowledge as already existing within ourselves when we strip back to the bare nature of who we ARE, not what we do or have.

The favourite part of my job is: Talking about stuff like this!

Carren Smith

I keep my energy up by: Talking about stuff like this!!! Heheheheh!! Exploring the inner world of consciousness and sharing it with others

My favourite type of exercise is: Swimming, running (though the old knees are a bit worse for wear these days), Yoga

Questioning reality is essential because: What we believe to be reality and reality itself are very often two different things. Mostly, we believe reality is our perception of reality, which is not reality. Reality is what is real when no perception colours it. It is the world/experience/self free of story, belief, perception etc, so by questioning what we believe to be reality, we get closer to understanding it and experiencing it
My favourite animal is: ALL OF THEM!! Hehehehehehe, except snakes, spiders, cockroaches, flys, lizards and slimy things!!! I don’t want them to be hurt or killed, I just don’t want them in my house!!
My most treasured “possession” is: My photo albums
I wish I had spent more time: With my nephews and my family
I wish I hadn’t been so: Focused on work, ambition and career
My happiest moment in life was: It’s very challenging to think of just one…. but if I must select …. It was leaving full time employment to start my own business…Ahhhhhhh freedom!
I’m very bad at: Dieting!!
I’m very good at: Being honest and vulnerable
Friends say I’m: Hilarious (because I keep telling them I am!!) and, inspiring
Carren Smith
My greatest fear is: Snakes!!!
If only I could be: Super Man!! I would fly wherever I wanted and I could really save the world!!
I’m always being asked: What do I use on my skin!!
My worst job was: HR manager for a modelling agency. Boss from HELL!
My motivational tip is: Take control of what you think and say to yourself from the very first moment you wake up every morning. Don’t wait until you need motivation to find motivation…. Fill the tank constantly so that you’re not trying to draw on an empty tank when the time comes!!
I don’t like: Meat or animal cruelty
I’m very happy being At one with everything around me and everyone around me! I love everything that is soft or fluffy, has a heart beat, doesn’t have a heart beat (stones!!), ocean, trees, sand, sun, sky, flowers, learning, science, opportunities, helping people and puppies (back to soft and fluffy), my chiropractor, my family, my GHD hair straightener and thanks to you, whiskey!!
I’m currently listening to: The birds out my office window
My favourite movie is: The Matrix, Transformers

I can’t wait to: Know all the answers to the meaning of life, love and harmony!!!! Bring that on!!

Carren Smith 

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