Essential Oils and Diffusers

Twenty8 is one of those companies we instantly fell in love with. Their use of certified organic botanical ingredients resonated with Broth of Life’s own ethos.

The concept of essential oils being used for natural healing made Twenty8 the kind of company we wanted to align ourselves with. Their amazing range of chemical free beauty products is also just divine and the perfect solution for those of us who wish to move away from the toxicity of so many products offered to us on supermarket shelves.

The Broth of Life team is thrilled to be able to offer our loyal customers the opportunity to purchase from a fabulous range of Twenty8’s gorgeous products.

From delightful, pure essential oils to aromatherapy blends, face lift serums, eye creams and the best quality diffusers, twenty8 offers a beautiful range of products free from all harmful chemicals, preservatives and fragrances.

Perfectly partnered with broth of life; while Twenty8 focusses on external influences, Broth of life has the internal side of things covered. We are 2 proudly certified organic companies sharing the strong belief that caring for ourselves, respecting our bodies and our environment are key to true health and happiness.

Whether you’re well versed in the world of natural skin care, essential oils and diffusers or you’re new to the game, Twenty8 could very well be your lucky number.

View our own selection of favourites from Twenty8’s brilliant range right here.

Give them a go and see just how natural products like these really can do you a world of good. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

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