Twenty8 Damask Rose Pure Essential Oil
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Twenty8 Damask Rose Pure Essential Oil

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There is nothing quite like the essence of pure Damask Rose Oil. Known for its enchanting, alluring, indulging and nurturing qualities Rose oil is regarded as the 'Queen of essential oils'. An excellent oil for all skin types, in particular dry skin, it is also fantastic for assisting detoxing of any kind. Rose oil is also the best essence for all emotional conditions and hormonal issues. It is the number one oil for TLC, love and romance and makes the most exquisite and superior perfume. It takes a tonne of rose petals to fill a 10ml bottle, and its not just any Rose, this particular Damask Rose is grown in Turkey and harvested with great care and community effort and whilst it may carry a high price tag only one drop is needed to make a huge difference. On another level when it comes to the vibrational energy of all things... a healthy human being Owning a bottle of Damask Rose oil is the ultimate. You will not be disappointed.

Twenty8 offers the finest, organic essential oils available on the planet today. Chosen for their exceptional therapeutic properties for use on the body, especially when incorporating the daily body boost ritual, these oils offer extensive benefits in all areas of one's life.

Their renowned psycho-aromatherapy characteristics also greatly enhance the way you think and feel within seconds. We proudly claim these oils to be the best you will ever find. 

Net weight: 10ml

(please note image shows 5ml, but the product is 10ml)