Twenty8 Aroma Cards
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Twenty8 Aroma Cards

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The Aroma Cards pack is a beautiful deck of fifty essential oil profile cards, each with an associated intuitive message just for you.

Developed by Kim Morrison, aromatherapist and health and lifestyle educator, the Aroma Cards pack is for the every day essential oil enthusiast. They are an educational tool with will bring the beauty of ancient plant wisdom, modern science and intuition all together in a fun and inspirational way.

Essential oils are exquisite, potent plant extracts that contain a life force and innate energy of their own. When we tap into the messages these gifts of nature pertain we can apply their power individually, or indeed as a beautiful blend, and use them in a multitude of ways that best suit us in that moment.

Take the Aroma Cards pack in your hands. If you have a question, simply formulate it in your mind as you start to shuffle the cards. If you don’t have a question but are looking for direction, support or a message then as you shuffle the deck, ask for divine guidance.

There are no accidents as to which cards you draw.

In either a one card or four card reading you can use your chosen essential oils in a variety of ways. You can make up a spritzer, use them in a vaporiser or diffuser, run a bath, make a compress, use in your daily body boost ritual or even place a drop of your oils onto a tissue and carry with you throughout the day. You can focus on their benefits or use them to help balance the chakra channels.

The Aroma Cards help connect your heart and soul directly to source through the power and rhythms of nature.

The wooden stand that comes with the Aroma Cards pack is the ideal place for your selected card so you can enjoy the intuitive message and it’s balancing energy throughout your day.


The Aroma Cards pack comes with 50 essential oil profile cards, instruction cards and a wooden stand.