160 gram jar of organic FODMAP brellow by Broth of Life
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FODMAP Brellow

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It’s not just what’s above the surface… but BRELLOW!

When you cook up a bone broth, gorgeous fat naturally rises to the surface of the liquid. You could skim that off and discard it… Or you could keep that nutritionally rich, fatty GOLD and render it to create an a-mazing cooking fat.

Broth of Life’s brellow is the fat from our organic FODMAP Beef Bone Broth that is skimmed and rendered to produce a delicious healthy cooking fat. It's nutrient dense in the same way that beef bone broth is, and has a mild bone broth flavour.

It is solid at room temperature with a high smoke point so is great to use for frying, but has a very different flavour to tallow. 

Brellow will last up to a month when stored at room temperature, but this can be extended to six months when stored in the fridge. It is in solid state when cold, and liquid form once heated.

This is arguably the most nutrient dense component of broth and the perfect addition to any kitchen, order yours online today!